Riveting as it may seem, the TVS Asia One Make Championship of the Idemitsu FIM Asia Road Racing Championship gets more competitive each round and riders may just need to buckle up further to make the ride worth the shot. For Ramdan Rosli, it is a different kind of exhilaration and Round 3 at Sportsland Sugo International Racing Course may be just the boost he needs for another round of success.

The Malaysian rider who rode in the SS600 race category last season embarked on a brand-new experience with TVS Asia this season and showcased robust moves from the very beginning. However, while luck was not on his side in Round 1 when he was declared “DNF”, he nailed it at Sepang circuit with a double-shot on the podium including a win. He said, “Sepang is one of my favourite tracks. I gave my best for my home race and found my way to victory in Race 2. It was literally making up for the unfortunate incident at Chang circuit in Round 1. Although I made it third once in the SS600 race category at Buriram, the issues with the machine the other day hampered my moves and I could not finish the race.”

“For the race at Sepang though, I kept my faith and was off to a good start during that weekend. I made good lap time during the free practices and made it to the pole position during the qualifying session which gave me a booster during the race. With the achievements that day, I am more confident with my performances and hope to be consistent throughout the season.”

Ramdan was seen flawlessly cruising on the machine at Sepang, taking lead while also putting the right amount pressure to maintain his position. Speaking about the TVS Apache RR310 machine, Ramdan said, “I have never ridden a 310cc machine before this. For me, there is definitely a huge difference compared to a 600cc machine. Personally though, I enjoy the rider on the TVS Apache and it opens up a whole new experience for me. It is definitely a move to a wider learning curve. I have also picked up on different riding styles which is crucial in complementing the capacities of the machine.”

For the upcoming race, Ramdan went on to say, “Sugo is a technical track and one of the toughest I would say. But, lucky for me, I enjoy riding on a technical circuit. Of course, there will be challenges as this would be my first attempt with the TVS machine on the circuit but I have to move quickly from the very beginning of the practice to identify the right settings for the machine. The aim is to repeat my successes I achieved at Sepang and to do that, I will have to be completely focused.”

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