The riders of the Asia Superbike 1000cc went on a blistering speed in their attempt to conquer the Sportsland Sugo International Racing Course in Race 1 of Round 3, Idemitsu FIM Asia Road Racing Championship and emerging ahead to claim victory was Kasma Daniel Kasmayuddin of YAMAHA GEN BLU Racing Team ASEAN.

Earlier today, during the Qualifying Session, Haruki Noguchi of SDG MS Harc-Pro. Honda. Ph. flaunted his mastery when he made a striking lap time at 1’27:610s which gave him an added advantage at the pole position. He was awarded with the “Pole Position Award” brought to you by SDG – Showa Denki Group and was presented by the Chief Executive Officer, Mr Kensaku Kashiwagi. Second fastest was Markus Reiterberger of ONEXOX BMW TKKR Team who clocked in at 1’27:780s followed by Takume Kunimine of TOHO Racing at the third spot with his best lap time at 1’27:972s.

As the weather condition settled, the riders of ASB1000 were off to a great start with Takume at the lead position and Kota Arakawa at P2. Markus took P3. There was no wasting time with Takume as he went on a blistering speed ahead, drawing an almost 1 sec gap by the end of the first lap. Meanwhile, Malaysian rider, Azlan Shah was trying to catch up at P4. Pressured by Murayama, Azlan went on with impressive manoeuvring techniques to guard his position. At P6, Kasma was picking up speed in a bid to close the gap with rider ahead of him.

Kota Arakawa on the other hand was getting closer to Takume and as intensity built up, Azlan managed to bypass his teammate, Markus. In an interesting twist, Kasma found his way ahead of Markus and went on to attack Azlan before finally striking from the inside. From P3, Kasma was on fire as he went on full steam to bring Kota Arakawa down and he did it. By then, Markus picked up speed and superseded Azlan.

By mid-lap, Kasma began breathing down Takume’s neck. The gap was closing up and with 8 laps to go, Kasma worked his moves from the outside to take lead. Meanwhile, behind him, Markus sped up into P3 while Haruki worked on his strategies into P4. While Kasma went on to draw a wide gap, Markus inched closer towards Takume and from the inside, made it into P2. With 4 more laps to go, Andi trailed Takume diligently, finding ways to strike. He did, before speeding of ahead for another 2 laps. At the

final lap, Kasma who managed to maintain his momentum was off towards a gleaming victory while Markus maintained at P2. At P3 though, Keisuke emerged ahead of Andi and concluded the race at the third spot.

Kasma clocked in at 29’37:392s

Commenting on the race, Kasma said, “In the beginning, I did not feel confident but I kept my eyes on the front group. I realised then that I had the potential to move forward therefore I tried to close the gaps lap-by-lap. My strategy worked and I am so thankful for my first win this season. There is another race tomorrow and I am keeping my fingers crossed to repeat the success.”

Markus Reiterberger of ONEXOX BMW TKKR Team made it second at 20’39:529s.

Keisuke Maeda of Team GYTR took the third spot at 29’42:993s.

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