It is not just the speed that makes the Asia Superbike 1000cc race category of the Idemitsu FIM Asia Road Racing Championship intriguing but the striking dexterity of the rider that complements the machine that keeps the race exciting. Round 2 showcased the extraordinary abilities of Markus Reiterberger of the ONEXOX BMW TKKR TEAM as he flaunted his manoeuvring techniques at the Sepang International Circuit. As the troop prepares for Round 3 at the Sportsland Sugo International Racing Course, what has Markus got to say?

Commenting on the upcoming race, Markus said, “I have not raced at Sugo circuit but I have heard some wonderful things about the circuit. Many have said that it is a nice circuit to race but also dangerous with no many “crash” area of gravel. Based on my evaluation on the on-board footage, I personally think that I would do fine but since I do not have the experience, it would still be challenging for me as I would have to start from zero-experience. Even more so, with most of my contenders who have had the experience riding on the circuit. Nevertheless, I will do my best with the help from my team.”

The German born rider found his passion for ARRC in 2020 however his endeavours were brought to a halt when the global pandemic took the world down on a lockdown. His achievements nevertheless were rather impressive when he took the win in Race 2 that landed him on the second spot overall. The 29-year-old is no stranger to the motorcycle racing scene. He has been actively involved in numerous championships including the German Yamaha Cup, European Superstock 1000 championship and Superbike World Championship (WSBK) to name a few. His vast experiences and his showmanship on the circuit has earned him quite the reputation even more so in Round 2 at Sepang where he was seen fleeing ahead while the other riders played catch up.

Markus said, “I like Sepang circuit since I was a kid. I used to watch it on TV and play it on the play- station. The layout is interesting. My first time there was in 2016 for WSBK but unfortunately, my machine gave way and I missed out on achieving a spot on the podium. However, it’s a special place for me. I recognise my strength and I enjoy riding there which makes it easy for me. There were also progresses with the machine during Sepang and that concluded with a happy ending for me.”

Commenting on the experience in ARRC, Markus said, “2 years ago, I remembered that I was extremely fast. This season as well, I was fast but I had to push hard to achieve that. Chang circuit was tough compared to before. The competitiveness in ARRC has definitely increased and compared to IDM, there are maybe three fast riders in ARRC with top six who are strong. I hope that there will be more riders next year even more so now with our machine that is equally competitive with the other machines.

“There are the likes of highly competitive riders such as Noguchi and Zaqhwan who are equally robust and, in my team, Azlan who make up for the best of rivalry. The others too, who are always close by which makes the race tough. However, we have a strong person who manages the suspension of the machine and works hard to ensure that the biggest part of the machine is well maintained. Of course, the electronic parts too which requires equal attention. On my part, it is more of mental and physical preparedness to manage the hot temperature. Overall, I will do my best in Sugo.”

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