Team RCB KAGE Motobatt Yamaha YY Pang’s Md Adib Rosley and Md Izzat Zaidi gained in confidence as the FIM Asia Road Racing Championship’s pre-season test came to an end. Adib and Izzat finished three days of practice as the two fastest riders in the Underbone 130cc category.

Adib led the group with 1’53.146s. Izzat was second fastest with 1’53.343s. FELDA PB Racing’s Md Shah Khairil Hisham was officially third fastest with 1’54.744s.

“So far, it has been an easy run for us, but we won’t allow the pre-season test results to lull us into complacence. The Indonesian competitors are not here yet and they could easily turn the tables on us,” said Adib.

Combined Underbone 130cc Practice Results:

1. Md Adib Rosley (MAS), 1’53.146s; 2. Md Izzat Zaidi (MAS), 1’53.343s; 3. Md Shah Khairil Hisham (MAS), 1’54.744s; 4. Iqbal Amri Malik (MAS), 1’55.089s; 5. Azroy Hakeem Anuar (MAS), 1’55.466s