The SuperSports 600cc was off to a good start this weekend with riders raging ambitiously on the circuit towards victory. Andi Farid Izdihar of ASTRA HONDA Racing Team bagged the winning spot in Round 4 of the FIM Asia Road Racing Championship held at the Sepang International Circuit.

As the pole-man, Andi began with an advantage however his experience and expertise kept him grounded at P1 as he steadily maneuvered his wheels around the circuit. Close behind him were Malaysian teammates Azroy and Helmi who were at P2 and P3 respectively.

For the first four laps, the top-three trio paced to the same rhythm before Helmi made his move to overtake Azroy. Andi kept suave to his position way ahead of the duo trailing him. By the fifth lap, Azroy managed to slide back ahead of Helmi. As Andi went on swiftly ahead of the troop, Azroy picked up speed and Helmi battled to stay put in P3. With Nakarin pressuring Helmi from the back,
the latter had to find ways to keep up to the momentum. However, in the sixth lap, Nakarin succeeded in taking over Helmi’s position and for two laps, Helmi pushed himself further to get back into the earlier rhythm.

By the last lap, Azroy inched closer to Andi and began closing up the gap. At the last turn, the heat turned up as Azroy sled ahead into P1 but Andi was not about to give up. He quickly grabbed P1. Towards the chequered flag, Andi and Azroy were in a nip and tuck before Andi clocked in first at 21’52:823s.

Commenting on the race, Andi said, “I was confident during the race especially in the beginning. I was able to create the huge gap between myself and the troop behind me. I tried to keep up to the pace to manage the race better but towards the last three laps, my rear tire began to give way and the grip was slipping away. I am happy that despite the circumstances, I was still able to hold on to P1. Of course, the situation will have to be analysed but I am certainly looking forward to tomorrow’s race.”

Second and third spot on the podium belonged to teammates Azroy Hakeem Anuar and Md Helmi Azman of Boon Siew HONDA Racing Team who logged in at 21’52:824s and 21’54:349s respectively.

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