The fiery representation of the Supersports 600cc in the FIM Asia Road Racing Championship is everything about riders, armoured with agility and the mind that manifests victory. Andi Farid Izdihar of ASTRA HONDA Racing team is geared up for Round 3 at Sportsland Sugo International Sugo where he anticipates yet another win.

Andi is no stranger to the scene of the SS600 category with years of riding experience and progressive growth in his professional endeavours. This season, he took the circuit by the storm when he marked fastest during Race 1 of the season opener. While he fell short in Race 2 due to an incident, he pulled himself back up in Round 2 with a win in Race 2.

Commenting on his ride, Andi said, “I always aspire for a win in each race. However, we are at times defeated due to unforeseen circumstances. The most important thing is to not be disappointed instead take it as a motivational tool to do learn and do better.”

“The category itself while it is highly competitive, we also have extraordinary riders who contribute to the overall challenge. To me, all riders are an inspiration for me to constantly look into my riding techniques and make the necessary changes required to stay on par or to be one step ahead.”

Like all riders, Andi is work in progress for Round 3.

He said, “As usual, preparations surround fitness routines and trainings with my team. Apart from that, I would also have to learn the layout of the circuit so that I am able to identify the right strategies for the race. Like many of the riders, I too have never raced on the circuit prior to this. Adapting quickly is crucial so that I am able to ride competitively.”

“I definitely want to take a win at Sugo for my team as well as for our 77th Independence Day of the Republic of Indonesia.”

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