It was a moment to celebrate when Andy Muhammad Fadl of Motul Sniper Manual Tech Racing Team glided across the finish line, bagging the first spot at the podium for Race 1 of the Asia Production 250cc category.

Aboard the Kawasaki Ninja 250, the Indonesian rider awed the spectators when he charged towards the finish line after the final turn. Andy who took the first spot at the grid maintained his pace for the first two laps before his teammate, Aiki Iyoshi took the lead. Andy was seen putting a good fight with his teammate throughout the race.

With his strategy intact, Andy worked his magic at the final turn before dashing ahead to mark his spot at the podium. He clocked in at 19:40:517s.

His response to his victory, “I had a great time racing with Aiki and Rheza and I must say that it was a fantastic race.”

“I had my strategies planned out carefully for this race. It was a calculated move towards the final lap and turn and I am thrilled that it worked out well.”

Aiki who maintained a strong position for five laps succumbed to Rheza Danica Ahrens of ASTRA HONDA Racing Team at the final turn and took the third spot at the podium. He logged in at 19:41:169s.

Meanwhile, making the last turn move and hitting the second spot was Rheza who clocked in at 19:41:078s.

Race 1 Provisional Result:
Asia Production 250cc – Top 5 Riders:

  • Andy Muhammad Fadly, Motul Sniper Manual Tech Racing Team, 19:40:517s
  • Rheza Danica Ahrens, ASTRA HONDA Racing Team, 19:41:078s
  • Aiki Iyoshi, Motul Sniper Manual Tech Racing Team, 19:41:169s
  • Md Adenanta Putra, ASTRA HONDA Racing Team, 19:42:796s
  • Anggi Setiawan, YAMAHA Racing Team, 19:42:843s

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