A new regulation was introduced in the Asia Production 250cc class in 2019. The Balancing Various Motorcycle Concepts rule was created to equality among the competing motorcycles and balance the performances by adjusting the RPM limit.

The equaliser rule will apply to the top five riders in the overall championship standings. The first equaliser, a 500rpm reduction to the rev limit, will be applied once any of the top four riders acquire a 25-point lead over the other competitors in the top five.

The adjusted RPM limit will stay throughout the season or further adjusted if they are affected by the second or third equaliser.

The second equaliser will come into play once a 50-points lead is acquired by the 1st to 4th rider over the other competitors in the top-5. Should a 75-point lead be achieved, a third equaliser will be applied.

After two rounds, team Manual Tech KYT Kawasaki Racing’s Andy Muhammad Fadly and Aiki Iyoshi will be the first to achieve First Equaliser status. Fadly’s reduction was executed after Race 1 in Australia while Aiki’s will take effect from Round 3 onwards.

The rev limit for each of the manufacturers/bike models are as follows:


Make/Model                           Max RPM

Yamaha RS25                           14900

Kawasaki ZXR250                   14750

Honda CBR250RR                    14600