The Asia Production 250cc race category went on with a swift move throughout the practice session  today despite the heat at the Chang International Circuit. Herjun Atna Firdaus of ASTRA HONDA  RACING TEAM emerged fastest for the combined practice session when he clocked in his best for the  day at 1’50:661s.

In Practice 1 this morning, riders of ASTRA HONDA RACING TEAM aboard the Honda CBR250 RR conquered the three fastest spots with Herjun at his best lap time followed by Rheza Danica Ahrens  and Veda Ega Pra Tama at 1’50:772s and 1’51:187s respectively. Pumped up further, the trio of ASTRA  HONDA RACING TEAM went on to make the fastest in Practice 2 with Rheza taking lead at 1’51:116s,  followed by Veda and Herjun at 1’51:374s and 1’51:898s respectively. 

In Practice 3 however, Thai lad, Jakkreephat Puettisan of HONDA RACING THAILAND made fastest at  1’51:104s while ASTRA HONDA RACING TEAM duo, Rheza and Veda concluded with second and third  respectively.  

With the final practice session, the combined result placed Herjun and Rheza in the first and second  fastest spot while Jakkreephat took the third fastest spot. 

Commenting on the practice session, Herjun said, “The temperature was not too high in the morning but during the afternoon session, the asphalt temperature was close to 60 degrees which made it very  hard to maintain speed. With an increased temperature, we face limitations with the tire and the grip becomes less functional in terms of speed.” 

“My teammates are excellent riders. Rheza has a lot of experience as a rider in the AP250 race category while Veda has gained his bulk of experience from ATC and MSF. So, it would definitely be an  interesting ride with them and definitely, my hope is to win the race tomorrow.”

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