As usual, the Underbone 150cc has always been a captivating scene with riders taking lead one moment and swallowed up by the troop the next. One who broke free from the force behind was Md Shafiq Rasol of ONEXOX TKKR Racing Team who dashed towards the finish line first to claim victory in Race 2, Round 6 of the Idemitsu FIM Asia Road Racing Championship that was held at Chang International Circuit.

The pattern has been the same in the UB150 with riders thronging to lead the pack. Among the twenty- four riders, a handful of them appeared strongly at the lead position throughout the 8-lap race. Although the battle intensified on the last lap, keeping ahead competitively were Murrobil Vittoni, Hafiza Rofa and Shafiq Rasol who made remarkable 1-2-3 claims on the podium respectively. The conclusion came with a twist. With Shafiq landing himself third, championship leader, Nazirul was made the Underbone 150cc Champion for Season 2023.

Akid Aziz was seen quickly gliding ahead of the troop at turn one with Hafiza Rofa behind him. A few turns later, Haziq Fairues made it to P1 with Passkorn at P2. Akid however found his way back to P1 on lap 2. Champion of UB150, Nazirul who did not have anything to lose, did not take the race lightly and went on to showcase his dexterity among the top five riders. The battle was more evident for the 1st Runner Up position between Shafiq Rasol and Murrobil Vittoni with 2-point difference however, the duo was swallowed by the large troop of riders in the first few laps.

By mid-race, Murobbil emerged in the top three positions together with Fazrul and Nazirul but Shafiq was missing in action and remained silent among the back troop. With two more laps to go, Haziq and Wahyu who have been fending their position well throughout the race showcased potential. But on the final lap, Shafiq Rasol emerged out of no where and positioned himself firmly at P2 and at the last turn, he fired his wheels up before racing towards the finish line at 16’32:489s, bagging a win and claiming the 1st Runner Up position.

Commenting on the race, Shafiq said, “First of all, I want to say a big thank you to my entire team and family at home for their endless support. In the beginning, I tried to stay among the troop but mid- race, I was actually left out. Somehow, I found my way on the last lap and used that opportunity to pully myself back to the front. That worked out well for me, thankfully.”

Taking second on the podium was Md Akid Aziz of CARDINALS FACTORY RACING TEAM ASIA at 16’32:678s.