With another one round to go, the SuperSports 600cc race category anticipates a rush of adrenaline among its riders and a highly competitive strike that would further alleviate their overall standings. Andi Farid Izdihar of ASTRA HONDA Racing Team is determined to make his move impactful in Round 5 of FIM Asia Road Racing Championship which will be held at Chang International Circuit this

The Indonesian lad may have been unlucky in the final race of Round 4 but he certainly has the in-depth experience and prowess that the race needs to make the cut for the season. Over the course of 4 rounds, Andi made it to the podium four times including two wins. Despite the severity of the unfortunate incident which stripped him of valuable points to be on a competitive chase with his
ultimate rival, he sits at the second spot overall with a total of 108 points.

Commenting on his race at Sepang, Andi said, “Sepang is one of my favourite circuits as I am very familiar with it. I understand its character very well and with the motivation of my team members, I tried my best to maximise my potentials there. The casualty in Race 2 may have been uncalled for however I must acknowledge the fact that ASTRA HONDA team made excellent improvements to the performances of the CBR600R machine which further strengthened my position.”

“The disappointments are there because I was embarking on a positive note after Race 1. But that is the downside of racing. The unexpected hurdles are expected in racing. I do not wish to think further rather I chose to stay focused towards the course. I will not repeat the same mistakes as I did in Race 2 and will expand my wings further to aim for the champion title in the SuperSports 600cc race category.”

Andi is an established rider who first found his interest within the ARRC domain in 2017 in the AP250 race category as a wild card rider. He scored the third spot in Race 1 and second spot in Race 2 which immediately marked his potentials as a professional rider. He went on to the SS600 showground in 2018 and made an impressive finish at the fifth spot overall. Year 2019 may have posed more challenges to his performances nevertheless he completed the season once again at the fifth spot overall.

In 2020, Andi did not participate in the one-round season but after the two-year hiatus, he came back this year with an enhanced performance which left fans and spectators in awe. With his win in Race 1, Round 1, he said, “It was an important mark of the year for me. With that win, came the confidence that I needed for this year to overcome the highly competitive rush of the race category. My glorious moment though would be my first ever win at the Sentul circuit in this category which has always kept me motivated.”

For the coming round, Andi said, “I will definitely give my best shot for the coming race. I am currently working on my physique and mental strength. The rest, I have worked with the team to ensure that everything is in order.”