Scorching up the Sepang International Circuit with their speed, the SuperSports 600cc tickled the nerves as riders went on a feat to win. After a much intense battle, Azroy Hakeem Anuar of BOON SIEW HONDA RACING TEAM claimed victory in Race 1, Round 2 of the Idemitsu FIM Asia Road Racing Championship.

In the qualifying session earlier this morning, Malaysian trio of BOON SIEW HONDA RACING TEAM raked the top three fastest spots with Khairul Idham Pawi clocking in at 2’08:888s, followed by Muhammad Helmi Azman at 2’09:360s and Azroy Hakeem Anuar at 2’09:602s. That definitely was an added advantage for the team.

It was excellent speed when Khairul superbly took lead with Helmi and Azroy calmly trailing behind. As the trio embarked on an exciting feat, slowly distancing themselves from the relentless troop behind, Azroy was inching closer to Khairul in a bid to overtake and by the end of lap 4, he did. Meanwhile, in P2, Nakarin struggled to keep up with his pace and he was soon superseded by Soichiro. By mid-race, Azroy began flexing his muscles, picking up speed as Khairul went on an attempt to steal the limelight.

By the seventh lap, the blue and red riders drew up a huge gap between the troop behind. In that wild chase, Helmi began taking charge and took his chance to slip ahead of Khairul. Nakarin emerged back at P4 while Adenanta took P5. Among the leading trio, Helmi began to work on his moves. At the last corner of lap 8, he took a slide past Azroy and made it to the lead position. But Azroy recovered his position once again. In the last lap, the trio presented an entertaining performance as they switched positions rapidly to secure the winning title. At the last turn, Azroy took lead as Khairul and Helmi raced behind. Azroy clocked in fastest at 21’53:231s.

Commenting on the race, Azroy said, “It was an incredible battle between the boys and I. It was our target to be on the podium together this time around. In the beginning, I provided a pathway for Pawi to create a gap. By the fourth or sixth lap, I noticed there has already been a huge gap between P3 and P4. That’s where I started to attack KIP. No doubt, the last two laps, the battle was quite intense however I kept going. Perhaps, today is my day. Tomorrow, we will do it again!”

Khairul made it second at 21’53:311s while Helmi marked his fastest at 21’53:313s.

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