It was a nerve-wrecking show as expected in the Asia Production 250cc as riders went on with the match of rivalry at Chang International Circuit. Standing tall in Race 1, Round 6 of the Idemitsu FIM Asia Road Racing Championship was Veda Ega Pratama of ASTRA HONDA RACING TEAM who made an impressive win.

During the qualifying session today, Veda went on with the same momentum like yesterday and raised the bar up when he took the pole position with his best lap time at 1’51:528s. At the second spot on the grid was teammate Rheza Danica with his best lap time at 1’51:693s. Thai rider, Jakkreephat of Thailand Honda Racing made it on the third spot with his best lap time at 1’51:889s.

As soon as the race flagged off, Jakkreephat was quick to slide ahead of Veda at turn one. But seconds into the race, Veda picked up his momentum and exchanged positions with the Thai rider. Before lap 1 ended, Muklada made it into P2 before her teammate overtook. Challenging the trio was Viet Nam at P4 and together they formed the front troop. Meanwhile, Rheza took lead of the back troop with Irfan and Herjun close by. Two laps down, Veda positioned himself firmly as Thai teammates, Jakkreephat and Muklada worked together to take him down.

By mid-race, Veda began drawing up gap to avoid the pressure from the Thais. As he went on a solo mission ahead of the troop behind with a gap of 3.166s, his teammate Herjun found his way into the battle for P2. The intensity grew among the four riders. Veda was out of threat but the four riders engaged in a fury fight as Rheza Danica finally joined them. On the last lap, Veda was on his way to celebrate victory but behind him, Jakkreephat, Herjun and Muklada took one last swing at the last turn before Jakkreephat dashed ahead to finish second on the podium at 18’41:898s.

Veda Ega made victory 6.039s earlier at 18’41:937s.

Commenting on the race, Veda said, “This weekend has been a fantastic for me. I just went on to enjoy the race as much as I could. Of course, I also tried remained focused throughout. I want to say thank you to the team and all sponsors as well as my family and my Indonesian fans who have been a great support to me throughout.”