The Asia Production 250cc race category has always been a demand, feeding the appetite of our ASEAN fans while amplifying its robust nature when complemented by a rider. Muhammad Andy Fadly of Motul Sniper Manual Tech Racing Team is doubling his efforts to restrain from the foreseeable pressure at Round 5 of FIM Asia Road Racing Championship which will be held at Chang
International Circuit this weekend.

Andy became a head-turner in the race category with his flair for speed and technical prowess since he reigned champion in 2019. During that season, he illustrated impressive showmanship when he bagged seven spots on the podium including three wins which presented him with a total of 214 points.

He came back this season with a grand entrance when he made it to the podium twice in Round 1 including one win. His positioned was further accentuated when he pulled a stunner in Round 2 with a double win consequently creating a hat-trick for himself. While he remains strong on the overall front, Andy however appears to be grappling with his performances since Round 3 at Sugo
International Racing Course.

Adding on to the strain of his failure to perform according to his standards, Round 4 was also unfavourable to him when his efforts became futile in attaining the top three positions. Andy now takes the lead position with a total of 121 points nevertheless the stakes are high and he is well aware of the jeopardy ahead that could potentially ruin his chances of becoming champion.

Commenting on his performance this season, Andy said, “It was a good start for me this season however it was not enough for me. I need more spots on the podium to be able to keep my champion title in the AP250 race category. I am dismayed by the decision and regulations which required me to cut down on my RPM. But overall, I am very happy with my performance which has placed me at the lead position in the overall standings.”

Speaking about memories, Andy is pleased to say, “My best moment was when I made a double win in Malaysia in Round 2. However, there comes a price when you are at your best. In my case, the cut in the RPM has made riding tough in Round 3 and Round 4. Nevertheless, we will keep going as much as we can to achieve the best outcome.”

For the coming round, Andy said, “Of course in Buriram, I will do everything I can in my capacity to become the overall champion once again in the AP250 race category.”

Andy aspires to level up to the SS600 race category if he wins the champion title once again this season.