After a two-year long hiatus in Asia’s best motorcycle racing championship, the FIM Asia Road Racing Championship is finally back in action

After a two-year long hiatus in Asia’s best motorcycle racing championship, the FIM Asia Road Racing Championship is finally back in action and is prepared for its first Round at the Chang International Circuit in Buriram, Thailand this weekend.

The championship kickstarted with its official Pre-Season Test, taking a glance at riders from the Asian region ramping up their riding skills and performances after a longstanding drought in the motorcycle racing industry. Despite the two-year stall, the riders and teams are physically and mentally amped up to take on the challenge this weekend to conquer a spot at the podium.

The race foresees a challenging battle especially among the ASB1000 and SS600 category riders with some of Asia’s finest striding along to make the best cut of their lap time. The nip and tuck between the riders in these categories during the two-day pre-season tests confirm the speculation of what would be a nail biting race this weekend.

At the pre-season test, fastest rider on the clock, Mohd Zaqhwan Zaidi of Honda Asia-Dream Racing with SHOWA said, “While the stakes are high this season with some of the best riders finding their footing on the podium, I am confident that with the machine that I am on, I would be able to do my best.”

As for the fastest man in SS600, Andi Farid Izdihar of ASTRA Honda Racing Team said, “It was a tough Day 1 at the Pre-Season Test especially coming back after a long break coupled with having to ride alongside riders who have claimed their names on the international circuit. Despite that, I am glad to have found my footing on Day 2 and I certainly look forward to this weekend.”

With the AP250 and UB150 categories, the challenges are equally overwhelming. The pre-season test showcased the best in kind moving through the gears to achieve their best and fastest time. The practice provided them the opportunity to better their pace progressively and at the end of the two-day practice, it was a satisfying bid for both teams and riders.”

AP250 fastest rider, Andy Muhammad Fadly Fadly “This year poses a greater challenge for the AP250 riders. The Yamaha and Honda teams have definitely done a great job on their motorcycles to ensure its best performance in its capacities. While I am thrilled about the weekend, I would certainly have to work hard to perform my best.”

Wahyu Aji Trilaksana of ONEXOX TKKR Racing Team who made the fastest lap time in UB150 said, “Riding after a two-year gap has certainly been difficult however I have to give it to my team who have coordinated the entire setup well to ensure that I do better than my last performance in 2020. I certainly hope to keep up to the planned strategy and further enhance for this coming weekend.”

Director of Two Wheels Motor Racing Sdn. Bhd., Ron Hogg said, “It has been a rough and tough 2-year for all of us nevertheless we managed to cross the hurdles to get to where we are today. While the pandemic is still looming within our society, it is truly imperative that this championship takes place once again, both for the teams and riders hence this season opener.”

“Moving forward, we hope that the situation will continue to improve with an ease in government regulations. We also take this opportunity to thank all our partners who have supported us endlessly and we keep our fingers crossed that Year 2022 will be a great one!”

Managing Director, Chang International Circuit, Tanaisiri Chanvitayarom  said, “Indeed it is an exciting phase for us in Thailand with the presence of FIM Asia Road Racing Championship. Undoubtedly, the championship plays a vital role in the growth and development of riders in Thailand and within Asia. I must say that the recent win of our Thai rider in Moto2 is a direct contribution of ARRC in shaping world class riders and we hope that in years to come, we would be able to produce more Asian riders who will take the motorcycle racing championship by storm.”

“It was not an easy barrier to overcome in the last two years. Our team here have worked together with Ron and his team as well as everyone else around Asia tirelessly to make this event happen. And for that, thank you!”

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