The FIM Asia Road Racing Championship (ARRC) is pleased to announce the ARRC Championship Calendar for Season 2024. The season will commence in the month of March with 6 rounds throughout.

Commenting on the championship, Promotions Director of Two Wheels Motor Racing, Ron Hogg said, “One of ARRC’s aspirations is making new connections which would enhance our visibility among the Asian communities. While it is also one of the biggest challenges due to various reasons, we were happy to note that we found possibilities in Season 2023 that added value to our fellow ARRC community. I hope that the exposure and experience have enriched riders and teams in ways that would go a long way in alleviating the standards of the championship. I would also like to take this opportunity to say “Thank You” to all our partners, sponsors, teams and riders for their endless support in realising the goals of ARRC. “Congratulations” to all those who have been exemplary in their professional endeavours. FIM Asia Road Racing Championship Season 2023 would not have been possible without you!”

“Every year is a learning curve for us and we aim to continuously move in tandem with the evolution in motorsports. With the traction gained over this season, we are quite positive with the outlook for Season 2024. As and when needed, we will embrace change progressively to ensure that we are on par with global standards. We are on the right track at the moment and we will continue with our initiatives to present more opportunities for the ARRC community to thrive competitively. We are happy to confirm one of our racing destinations at Mobility Resort Motegi, Japan next year and hope that it would add on to the much-needed challenge for our teams and riders. So, stay tuned as we head towards a more exciting phase!

FIM Asia President, Stephan Carapiet said, “Season 2023 was undoubtedly bittersweet but we embraced it together as a community and achieved yet another milestone. Organising a championship is never an easy task but what makes it less of a hassle is the collective contribution and cooperation from all members. With the ARRC community, that has never been an issue and for that, “Thank You” to everyone who has been nothing but supportive of the ARRC dreams. From five rounds in 2022 to a 6-Round championship, we made swift transition after the big pandemic hit and that’s more than just satisfactory. Well done!”

“Moving forward, we hope for a much smoother road ahead. What we have learnt this season will inevitably be a guide to everyone for the coming season. Six rounds have been scheduled for the coming year and while we return to our familiar circuits, we nevertheless will be back with different motivation, different level of competence and different goals. As for FIM Asia Road Racing Championship, the hope is to go on discovering new hidden talents while motivating existing teams and riders to continue expanding their wings for a much greater passion-driven success. With that, we are pleased to announce the Championship Calendar for Season 2024!”Season 2024 Championship

Calendar as follows: