Racers balancing their engines for optimum performance, that’s an easy task for them. But how many of them could balance their personal relationships with their significant others for even mediocre performance? Sounds easy but it ain’t easy mate!

Racing, no doubt is an amazing thing one can do, apart from being costly and dangerous. It may drain your account, take up one’s time and may even result in an unhealthy relationship. Finding the right balance between racing and relationship then becomes questionable and, in a generation, where relationship requires equal distribution of partnership, juggling between a racing career and a relationship may even seem like a difficult task to accomplish.

So, what gives?

Yamaha GEN BLU Racing Team rider, Kasma Daniel Kasmayuddin said “YES” earlier this August and about to seal a deal this month. This time around, it is not the deal to bag a spot on the podium for to peruse the marriage vows. Yes, that is true. The young lad who had successful garnered numerous victories will be tying the knot this month.

In an interesting twist of fate, the future Mrs Kasma grew up rooting for her father, who is also highly involved in the motorsport scene as the humble owner of PETRONAS Sprinta Yamaha – CKJ Racing Team. The team currently competes in the Malaysia’s prestigious motorsport championship, The PETRONAS Malaysian Cub Prix.

John Paul Young sung Love is in the Air in 1977 but their “Love is in the Circuit” rhythm is about to transition into a beautiful yet challenging new phase. How did the 22-year old steal the heart of this lass between a busy schedule? But the real question is, how would she do it?

“The ideal situation would be to find someone who is supportive but even more than that, it would be someone who shares the same interest in racing. That’s a huge deal. She grew up watching her father managing a team and follows him to circuit for races. In fact, that was how we met! Haha…She has been exposed to this environment and she is very well aware of a racer’s lifestyle. We have very less time for each other as I race most of the weekends and I travel quite a bit too. She has been very understanding since day one that I met her and has
been there for me through my ups and downs. It doesn’t matter if I won or lost, she was always there by my side.”

Kasma went on to say, “I believe that a healthy balance between marriage and a career that requires a lot of time away is communication. Apart from that, there is also a lot of scheduling, financial planning and so on. One more thing is spending the quality time with your partner. When there is time, taking that time to be present for the partner is truly important. The relationship then becomes better as you bond with your partner. That also helps take your mind off racing for a moment and it’s not a bad thing. Even the most passionate of riders know how important rest is.” Kasma has definitely struck a balance between racing and the love of his life.

For Kasma, racing is very much a family affair here onwards. He believes in marrying someone who understands not only his needs and expectations of a husband and a person but also the bulk of what makes him, him – his career. Marrying into a family who runs the same business is definitely a plus and a boost to his overall identity.

“We are about the make the most important decision in our lives. We are going to seal our love through marriage and commitment towards each other. This new phase I believe will bring with it lots of positive changes into my life especially in my career. Apart from strategy, speed and techniques, a rider’s mental health plays the utmost important role in me performing at my best. Hence, marrying someone who truly understands me gives me the strength that I need to compete through circumstances.”

“Well, Happy Wife, Happy Life!” giggled Kasma,

It wasn’t a good start for Kasma at the FIM Asia Road Racing Championship but he geared up in the 2 nd and 3 rd round to be at the top three spot for the Asian Superbike 1000cc category. He currently holds 84 points overall and is all set for the upcoming race in his home-ground at Sepang International Circuit.

Commenting on the upcoming race, Kasma said, “Yamaha machines have a little lacking in terms of speed but when it comes to the setup, it is among the best. So, it is not going to be an easy race. Nevertheless, I will give my best to be on the podium at my home-ground. The feeling of riding in my home-ground, is indescribable. It has a totally different feel to it. Racing in front of my fans, family and friends has always been my greatest pleasure.

Commenting on upcoming race, Kasma said “Yamaha motorcycles has a little lacking in terms of speed, but in the terms of set-ups, they are among the best. So it is not going to be an easy race. But whatever, I will give my best to be on podium at my home-ground. If I am able to get a place at the podium, that would be even more meaningful.”

“To me, the chances of winning the overall title is still there I believe despite the point gaps. Zaqhwan and Haruki are strong rivals. As much as it is a home-ground for me, it is also the home-ground for Zaqhwan and I can assure that it is going to be a tough feat this time around. I will do my best though in the best way possible to strike upon the maximum points.”

Looks like a spot on the podium may just be the best wedding gift for Kasma!

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