Galang Hendra Pratama is going full-on as Round 2 of the FIM Asia Road Racing Championship draws in.

The world championship rider was not very pleased with his performances in Round 1 nevertheless he is going the extra mile to stay ahead of the game.

Commenting on the race, “It was my first time back in ARRC after a couple of years and Round 1 was definitely a valuable lesson. From what I gather, I have to maintain my physical and mental health with regular practices. To buck up on my performances, I do constant race simulations using the virtual reality device at home.”

Galang made his debut in the ARRC in year 2015 for the AP250 category. Being a first timer in the SS600 category among some of the best names, the Indonesian rider of Yamaha Racing Indonesia has to find his strength and upgrade his performances quick enough to stay on par with the troop.

In Round 1, Galang was caught in a stiff battle, grappling to find his momentum. He landed on the 6th and 8th spot for race 1 and 2 respectively.

Galang said, “The biggest challenge for me is to adapt to change. I have raced in Sepang circuit with a 250cc machine for half-track. This time around, I will be doing a full track on a 600cc machine for the first time. It will be tough nevertheless I will do my best – “Untuk Merah Putih Semakin di Depan.”

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