The SuperSports 600cc race category posed a challenging twist for the season in the presence of highly robust riders, setting the bar at a different height while pushing their limits towards greater excellence. McKinley Kyle Paz of YAMAHA TEKHNE Racing Team ASEAN is an addition to the race category with hidden calibre and is all set for Round 2 of the Idemitsu FIM Asia Road Racing Championship which will be held at Zhuhai International Circuit this weekend.

Kyle Paz is no stranger to the ARRC scene. He made a stunning finish in season 2019 when he hailed champion in the Underbone 150cc race category before graduating into the SS600 in Season 2020 with the determination to make it big. His brief entry came to a halt during the 2-year hiatus however with opportunities to soar, he took a leap into the international domain. Returning to ARRC after four years may not necessarily be a drawback considering his time at CEV Moto2 series but having said that, it may not necessarily be an upside as well considering the hard-core bunch making the entry list for the season. 

From what was seen in Round 1, Kyle definitely has what it takes to accelerate further into stardom but it will come in various phases, different levels of push and a whole load of exposure and learning in an environment that is rough and tough. Race 2 was a booster that was needed to set the momentum for Kyle in a highly demanding season and with that podium-finish, it is presumed that he would be pumped further to fit the expectations into reality.

Commenting on the season, Kyle said, “It is truly great to be back in ARRC after many years. The challenges are real in the sense that I ned more time to get adjusted to a different machine. For the last three years, I have been riding the Moto2 machine and of course, different machines would require different manoeuvring techniques. But my team has been really helpful especially in providing me with an excellent machine which made it quite effortless for me to get adjusted. Round 1 was tough for me though as I started 9th on the gird. My plan was to get along with the pack but unfortunately, the incident before the 1st corner disrupted my pace and I ended up riding alone at the back. In Race 2 however, I was determined to pick up speed from the very beginning. When the race resumed after the red flag, all I ever thought of was to fight a good battle, to make my country proud, to prove that we can fight equally with the best of Asia. I did it and I thank God not only for the safe ride but also a prize on the podium.”

“So far, I think the machine has got a good top speed. The machine is a very good one and handling is easy. That is definitely an advantage for us. The team has also prepared the machine well and even though I am still familiarising, surprisingly, I don’t really feel uncomfortable. It is user friendly and I am quite satisfied with it. My riding buddy, Apiwath has been my idol for a long time and he has taught me how to improve my lap time. He allows me to trail him so that I can understand and get into the right pace. I am thankful for him as a teammate and with the chemistry that we both have, I have a strong feeling that we will get through any challenges well, together.”

On the circuit, Kyle said, “Zhuhai is my 2nd time racing. I had my first experience there in 2019. But that was in the UB150 race category. Right now, the challenge would be adapting to the circuit with a 600cc machine but I am confident that I will pick up fast especially with the help of my team and with the right setup. The goal is to make it first, just like every other rider. But that will not be possible without the desire and perseverance. We are currently full on, practicing for the coming round here in Philippines with the support of Yamaha Philippines. Every day counts. There is not time to waste. We need to be physically and mentally fit once again for our country! See you Zhuhai. Gaspoll!”