Mastery and capacities were further amplified today in the Asia Superbike 1000cc race category at Round 1 of the FIM Asia Road Racing Championship held at Chang International Circuit. Haruki Noguchi of SDG MS HARC-POR.HONDA.PH flaunted his riding techniques as we swiftly ended the game with his first win for the season.

Earlier this morning in the qualifying session, Md Zaqhwan Zaidi of HONDA ASIA-DREAM RACING WITH SHOWA made a spectacular mark when he made new record at 1’34:844s. His close contender Markus Reiterberger of ONEXOX BMW TKKR TEAM made his fastest at 1’35’008s while Japanese star, Haruki Noguchi of SDG MS HARC-PRO.HONDA.PH clocked in third fastest at 1’35:045s.

According to Zaqhwan, “The qualifying tires does make a whole lot of difference due to the tire compound that varies from the race tires. In the beginning, I tested my rhythm for a few laps with the medium tires. It was later that we changed to the qualifying tires and I noticed the improved lap time. But I did not expect to meet the mark of 1’34s so I am very thrilled about it.”

Zaqhwan went on a blistering speed as soon the race flagged off. He did not waste a moment at turn 1 when he took lead and fled ahead. Markus was determined to stay close behind. Meanwhile, Andi Farid was poised at P3 with Haruki waiting to strike at P4. At turn 7 of the third lap, Haruki made a bold move from the inside and into P3. With temperatures soaring , it was a heated scene on the circuit with the risk of tires burning out quickly.

Into the sixth lap, Haruki once again made his move at sector 2 when he took Markus’ position. He then picked up speed as he went on to take Zaqhwan down. Into the 8th lap, Haruki succeeded. Into the 11th lap, Azlan who started from the back picked up speed behind Zaqhwan and made a bold switch ahead. In a twist of fate, the top 3 positions changed quickly with Azlan leading and Haruki fighting back for his spot. Meanwhile Zaqhwan could not keep up and by the last turn, it was either Haruki or Azlan before the former bolted ahead. Haruki bagged victory at 20’54:882s.

Commenting on the race, Haruki said, “I am very happy for the win. During the test and practice, I did not do very well and struggled quite a bit. Moreover with the major injury on my back that I sustained last year. However, the team has been truly supportive and I owe it to them for this success.”

Azlan Shah Kamaruzaman of ONEXOX BMW TKKR TEAM took the second spot at 20’55:567s.

At third, Md Zaqhwan Zaidi of HONDA ASIA-DREAM RACING WITH SHOWA clocked in at 20’55:698s.

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