He walked in as a wildcard rider in the TVS Asia One Make Championship of the IDEMITSU FIM Asia Road Racing Championship between 2022-2023, fought a bold fight in 5 rounds, 10 races and swept a total of 9 podiums equivalent to 8 wins!

Hiroki Ono, the Japan born lad, whose name resonates with excellence, left an indelible mark even as a wildcard rider. Hiroki’s performance was nothing short of stellar, solidifying his status as a force to be reckoned with on the track.

Hiroki’s introduction to the ARRC came in 2022 when he entered as a wildcard rider, seizing every opportunity to showcase his talent on the track. Over the course of five rounds, Hiroki carved nothing short of flying colours, capturing the hearts of fans and rivals alike with his captivating performances. Hiroki’s competency and persistence are undeniable. Yet, despite his remarkable achievements, the elusive overall championship title remained just out of reach, thwarted by the constraints of wildcard entries and the points system.

This year, Hiroki embarked on a new chapter in ARRC, committing to a full-season Round 1 at the Chang International Circuit in Buriram, Thailand was a start for him where he showcased his mettle on the grand stage despite the challenges of a blown engine during Practice 1, that caused him to crash.

Hiroki shared, “I had a big crash at Turn 4 due to engine trouble (engine blow) in the middle of the session. It happened so quickly that I had a hard time understanding what had happened. My body was in pain. I was in pain from then until Sunday, but thankfully I did not break any bones, so I kept my determination and fought through.”

Even in pain, Hiroki pushed through and continued racing. With each passing session, from Practice 2 to Race 2, Hiroki’s resolve only grew stronger, culminating in excellent performance as he clinched pole position and secured victory in both races.

Hiroki affirmed, “This season I am participating fully, so of course, my aim is only, which is to take the championship title.

However, Hiroki remains grounded in his appreciation for the competition that surrounds him.

“It’s challenging for me. The riders who ranked highly last year are still competing, especially the Asia Talent’s Cup riders who are strong and robust. The new riders are very fast too, so it will be a high-level battle this season.”