The TVS ASIA One Make Championship kicked off Round 1 in exhilarating fashion at Chang  International Circuit at Buriram, Thailand today treating spectators to a mesmerizing display of talent  and tenacity during the practice session of IDEMITSU FIM Asia Road Racing Championship. 

In Practice 1, the competition was intense as Mohd Ramdan Rosli set the early pace with a blistering  lap time of 1:50.130, closely followed by Sarthak Chavan and Md Muzakkir Mohamed, who  demonstrated their determination and talent with lap times of 1:50.134 and 1:50.322 respectively. The  competition was fierce, with each rider pushing themselves to the limit in pursuit of perfection. 

As the day progressed into Practice 2, the excitement only intensified. Hiroki Ono seized the spotlight,  storming to the top of the leaderboard with an electrifying lap time of 1:49.539. Sarthak Chavan  continued to impress, securing the second spot with a time of 1:49.702, while Md Muzakkir Mohamed  displayed unwavering consistency with a time of 1:50.293. 

The combined practice results painted a picture of intense rivalry and razor-thin margins. Hiroki Ono  appeared as the fastest overall, his stellar performance cementing his status as a formidable contender.  Sarthak Chavan and Mohd Ramdan Rosli closely trailed behind, their determination evident in every  lap. 

Hiroki said “Today in Practice 1, my engine broke and I had a big crash at turn 4. My bike was badly  damaged and my body hurts. I rode more carefully in Practice 2. It was positive to finish at the top on 

the first day, and I was able to set a faster time than last year. I want to improve my time even further in  tomorrow’s qualifying. But for now, I will try to recover my body as much as possible for the qualifying  round.”