Second year in the Idemitsu FIM Asia Road Racing Championship, the TVS Asia One Make Championship made impressive milestones this season with the participation of highly driven riders. Standing exceedingly tall among all of them today in Race 2 of Round 6 was Hiroki Ono of Japan who made the winning statement at Chang International Circuit.

In Race 1 yesterday, the fight between Hiroki and Muzakkir made up for an exciting feat before Vorapong and Sarthak, a newbie in the race category inched closer to inject more pressure on the duo. As the race heated up over the last few laps, Sarthak lost control consequently the momentum to keep up with the trio ahead of him. While Vorapong maintained at P3, Muzakkir went all out to give Hiroki a good chase before the Japanese concluded with a win.

When the race started, Hiroki Ono was quick to step up and take lead of the troop followed by Muzakkir and Ramdan at P3. Seconds into the race, Muzakkir overtook but Hiroki struck back. Ramdan was not bad himself this time around, trying his best to remain among the top three positions. Meanwhile, Vorapong challenged from P4. The battle heated up as Sarthak began making his moves into P2. Hiroki tried his best to remove the pressure from behind but the riders were in full form as they went at him.

With four more laps to go, Sarthak and Muzakkir was seen gliding side-by-side to stay ahead. Hiroki managed his pace well. By then, Singaporean rider, Arsyad was seen at P3 before Muzakkir swiped places with him. The TVS Asia race witnessed a highly competitive feat today as riders kept close to each other. On the 5th lap, Sarthak took lead but Hiroki was not ready to be defeated. On the final lap, Hiroki tried to make a gap but Muzakkir was adamant. He chased Hiroki furiously and as the duo picked up speed, they disengaged from the troop behind. At the last corner, it was either Hiroki or Muzakkir but the Japanese was fast and clocked in at 14’55:386s.

Commenting on the race, Hiroki said, “I managed to control the race well throughout the race. This would have been a great result if I got to be the champion. I started in Japan during Round 3. I lost one race there. Overall, I raced in 8 races, lost one and won seven. So, to me, this has been an amazing result overall. I would like to express my gratitude and thank you to all my sponsors and team members, my Japanese fans and supporters for all that I have achieved.”

Md Muzakkir of Malaysia who finished podium second at 14’55:457s an hailed Champion in the TVS Asia One Make Championship, Season 2023.

Vorapong Malahuan of Thailand made it third at 14’56:697s.