Quite the show with the TVS Asia One Make Championship today at the Chang International Circuit with riders committed to meet their goals. One who stood significantly tall was Hiroki Ono of Japan when he bagged the win in Race 1, Round 6 of the Idemitsu FIM Asia Road Racing Championship.

Earlier today in the qualifying session, Hiroki Ono went on a flying start and clocked in fastest at 1’49:534s, instantly rewarding him with the best position on the grid. Malaysian duo, Ramdan and Muzakkir were not bad themselves when they scored the second and third spot on the grid at 1’49:842s and 1’49:879s respectively.

The riders were off to a great start, particularly Hiroki Ono who immediately took lead from the first turn. Behind him, Muzakkir maintained his distance, not too far away instead close enough to make his move. Before the lap ended, Muzakkir took a slide from the inside ahead but seconds into the next lap, Hiroki was fast to overtake him on the long straight. Muzakkir was not about to give up. Behind them, Sarthak got closer. The Indian rider was equally competitive as the trio went on to stir the circuit ground up.

Meanwhile, Vorapong took P4 with Ramdan at P5 after the third lap. As Vorapong inched closer, pressure mounted among the front troop. Vorapong managed to pick up speed and slide past Sarthak. With four laps to go, Hiroki Ono who was well aware of the intensity trailing him began picking up speed but Muzakkir and Vorapong went on to chase him down. Hiroki Ono stayed perfectly in his racing which gave Muzakkir no opportunity to strike. Sarthak who lost his pace for a moment began picking up. Into the last two laps, Muzakkir made his move and overtook Hiroki Ono but the Japanese was quick to recover his position from the inside. Muzakkir tried slip-streaming and failed. On the final lap, the battle became fiery. On the long straight, both Vorapong and Muzakkir tried their luck again to supersede Hiroki Ono but the Japanese was dominant and relentless on the circuit. Hiroki Ono went on to take one last turn before dashing towards victory at 14’46:399s.

Commenting on the race, Hiroki Ono said, “I am truly happy with this win. I enjoyed the race throughout. It was fantastic one with so many extremely great riders. It was an amazing challenge. This is my firsts time on this circuit. In the beginning, it was really tough but I think I gained confidence over each lap. I am so happy with my victory. Thank you.”

Md Muzakkir Mohamed of Malaysia made it second, clocking in at 14’46:433s.