Veda Ega Pratama! As cool as the name sounds, so are the skills, the 14-year-old displays!

“It all began at the Astra Honda Racing School. I was 11 years old when I joined the school to professionally get an education in racing, and I would thank my family for this. They have guided me when and where to start and tadaaa! I’m here today!

“I was 4 year old when I first fell in love with this two-wheels sports. My father exposed me to the motorcross world. I was young and super-excited. The speed, the sound and crowd during races. All these wowed me! Honestly speaking, looking at the professional riders at the turns never scared me. Not even once! I wanted to explore and feel it for myself.

“The adrenaline rush! It is what that brought me here today! I have gained a fair amount of knowledge in racing school and it has helped me so much throughout my racing career thus far, especially during my days in National Championship and also Asia Talent Cup.”

As a debutante in the AP250 race category, Veda together with his teammates has stunned fans with his exemplary skills in the 2023 curtain raising round in Chang International Circuit, Thailand and the second round in Sepang International Circuit, Malaysia. Alongside the numero uno of Indonesia, Rheza Danica Ahrans and Herjun Atna Firdaus, Veda has proved his potentials in being classified as one of the finest in coming years.

So, the question here, is Veda the upcoming Rheza or is he going to make his own name in the world of motorsports?  Let’s hear from the stunner, himself!

“Rheza, definitely a role model to me. He is my senior in the team now and I am learning plenty of stuffs and skills, on and off the circuit. I’m grateful to be youngest and get to learn from the best. There are also Herjun, Adenanta and Gerry in the team. They are very experienced riders that has a lot to share with me. To be honest, I’m not anywhere near to them yet, at the moment, but I would love to give all my heart to this team and work harder to be the first at the chequered flag.”

“And I would be definitely be proud to carry his name, if anyone asks whether I am the next Rheza. It’s not easy to be where he is today. At the same time, I would want to create my own legacy in coming years. Being a part of Astra Racing Team, to work on my dream, it’s definitely a huge opportunity for myself.”

“It’s too early for me to comment on my current performance. As there are few more rounds to go, new circuits to compete and much more skills and technicalities to learn. Also, new bike for this season. So, I have to adapt quickly and handle my machine better to perform well in next round.”

Firmly on a podium hunt and title contention, Veda looking forward into next round in Sugo, Japan enthusiastically.

Meanwhile, the senior in the team, Rheza welcomed Veda with huge smile saying young talent energise the team and brings in fresh air.

“Veda is still young but he never failed to prove that he deserves a place in the team through the last two racers. Even though he has a long journey ahead of him, it is pretty obvious he could go far with the skills he has. He has been a great teammate so far, and the chemistry among us is splendid, I would say.” said Rheza.

Answering the same question, Rheza giggled while calling himself still a ‘work in progress’.

“I’m not sure if Veda is the upcoming Rheza, but I am sure if he put effort and work harder, he can better than me. I’m still learning and learning in every race at every circuit. Everytime I race, doesn’t matter at a new circuit or the same one, for me it’s a brand new day of my career as a professional rider. I learn something new everyday.

“And again Veda is young. So I hope he learns as much as he can in this season. So he can do better every other. I wish him all the best and we will definitely work together to give the best to our team.” It was a great start for the ASTRA HONDA RACING TEAM boys as all three conquered the AP250cc category after two rounds. What awaits them towards the end of Championship? Let’s wait and enjoy the feast for the eyes soon in the upcoming rounds.