The Asia Production 250cc race category concluded its final race for Round 1 of FIM Asia Road Racing Championship (ARRC) at Chang International Circuit with victory in the hands of Rheza Danica Ahrens of ASTRA HONDA RACING TEAM.

Rheza was flawless yesterday as he bolted ahead from the start to completion. His in-depth experience was a class of its own as he went on lap-by-lap, increasing speed to create a gap that kept his contender at bay. His feisty teammate Veda Ega may have zero experience in the ARRC domain but was not to be doubted as he went on to spark pressure throughout the race. Herjun on the other hand, fought a good battle with Thai’s female, Muklada before taking her down.

It was a great start for the riders of ASTRA HONDA RACING TEAM today with Herjun taking lead at the 1st turn before his teammates Veda Ega and Rheza made their way before him. It was unfortunate though for three other riders who crashed before the 1st turn. As the race went on, Jakkreephat and Rheza engaged in battle before the latter superseded. Meanwhile, Muklada was at P3 while Herjun pressured Irfan from P5 before overtaking. By the end of lap 4, lady rider took over P2.

Meanwhile, ahead of them, Rheza was building up on speed and drawing up gap as Muklada and Jakkreephat aimed for P2. Irfan on the other hand was pumped up to take over P3. By the end of lap 7, positions switched and Herjun was leading behind Rheza who was on his way to victory. Turn 6 of lap 8, Irfan made a bold slide from the inside into P2 just before it was snatched by Muklada. The competition was tight between trio, Herjun, Irfan and Muklada who were aiming for the second -best spot.

With one more lap to go, Rheza was impeccable, as he strode ahead with an almost 9-second gap. But the race was once again made exciting at the last turn in the battle for P2. In that chaos, Herjun took a fall. Jakkreephat and Muklada avoided the crash and sped towards second and third spot respectively.

Rheza Danica Ahrens of ASTRA HONDA RACING TEAM marked his best at 18’38:595s.

Commenting on the race, Rheza said, “It the beginning, it was a little tough for me to find my pace but once I was ahead of them, I was focused on finding the right rhythm. I managed to create the gap and went on to pick up speed. This is a good start to the season and I am very happy.”

Jakkreephat Puettisan and Muklada Sarapuech of HONDA RACING THAILAND made their best at 18’47:427s and 18’47:463s respectively.

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