Riding aboard the TVS Apache 310 machine, the riders of the TVS Asia One Make Championship put on their best performance to dominate Race 1 of Round 3, Idemitsu FIM Asia Road Racing Championship which was held at the Sportsland Sugo International Racing Course. Standing tall with victory in hand was Hiroki Ono of Japan.

The day at the circuit began with the Qualifying session of the race category. Hiroko Ono of Japan went on to amaze audience with his remarkable lap time of 1’37:772s which consequently secured him the pole position. At the second fastest spot was Decky Tiarno Aldy of Indonesia with his best time at 1’39:378s. Md Muzakkir Mohamed of Malaysia made the third fastest at 1’39:402s.

As soon as the race started, Japanese lad, Hiroki took lead at the first turn with Deck close behind at P2 and Ramdan at P3. Before the lap ended, the red flag was waved due to a casualty involving Chiranth of India. The race continued shortly after with a reduced number of laps and this time, Muzakkir took lead at the first turn followed by Decky and Ramdan. Before the end of the race, Hiroki stole P1 and went on full-throttle.

By mid of lap 2, Hiroki has drawn a gap of 0.8s from Muzakkir. Meanwhile, Ramdan who was at P4 broke into P3 in lap 3 and Decky maintained his speed to avoid Ramdan’s moves. Into the fourth lap, Hiroki was way ahead of the troop with a 3.813s gap. With two more laps to go, Ramdan was pressuring relentlessly from behind but Decky was careful not to slip. By then, Muzakkir has lost his chances of moving into the top 3.

With one more lap to go, Hiroki was gloriously speeding ahead towards victory. The battle went on between Decky and Ramdan but the former was determined to bag the second spot. Ramdan refused to give up and went on to chase Decky down but the latter confidently glided to the chequered flag ahead first.

Hiroki Ono clocked in at 9’53:668s.

Commenting on the race, Hiroki said, “So the race was awesome. I kept focusing on and monitoring the riders trailing me. For me, it was an easy feat furthermore with only 6 laps. It did not strain me physically and mentally. But, there is another race tomorrow and I am certainly looking forward to it.”

Decky Tiarno Aldy of Indonesia made it second on the podium at 9’59:457s.

Malaysian rider, Md Ramdan Rosli took the third spot at 9’59:830s.

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