The TVS Asia One Make Championship has never failed to create a fulfilling experience for both its riders and fans. This time around at the Pertamina Mandalika International Circuit, Hiroki Ono of Japan awed his fans and audience when he emerged with a win in Race 1 of Round 4, Idemitsu FIM Asia Road Racing Championship.

During the qualifying session earlier, Hiroki Ono added on the pole position to his advantage when he clocked in the fastest lap time at 1’45:113s. He said, “I improved a little bit from the FP sessions yesterday because I did some changes to the settings. But let’s see how it goes during the race.” Ramdan Rosli of Malaysia took the second spot on the grid in preparation for the race at 1’45:465s followed by Taiyo Saito of Japan at 1’45:731s.

Taking the lead at the very beginning was Hiroki Ono followed by Ramdan at P2. As the race picked up, Ramdan switched positions with Decky for a moment at the end of lap 2. As Hiroki went on to dominate the circuit ahead of the troop, the battle continued between Ramdan and Decky with Vorapong trailing

close behind. Muzakkir who started at the ninth spot on the grid closed up the gaps and moved into P5.

By mid-race, Hiroki was leading with a 3.8s gap. Meanwhile, Decky overtook Ramdan but the latter furiously chased to close the gaps. Vorapong seemed to have lost his momentum before Taiyo took over P4. With a bold move, Taiyo then sled ahead of Decky and Ramdan from the outside. With another 3 laps to go, Hiroki has drawn up a huge gap with the troop behind while Ramdan found a loop hole from the inside before superseding Taiyo.

At the final lap, it was all about keeping up with the momentum for Hiroki as he sailed towards victory. Behind him, the battle continued between Taiyo who by then overtook Ramdan. Vorapong moved into P4. The chase was heated up as Ramdan tried to challenge Taiyo. Taiyo however was resistant to pressure as he picked up speed and raced towards the second spot on the podium.

Hiroki celebrated victory at 14’07:383s with a gap of 7.3s.

Commenting on the race, Hiroki said, “As the race began, I pushed 100% and in the middle of the race, I made sure that I kept a distance with the troop behind. It was not very easy and I have to keep the tires for Race 2. I foresee that it would be much tougher tomorrow. Overall, I am very happy to be back here and join the team for yet another excellent challenge.”

At the second spot was fellow countrymen, Taiyo Saito who clocked in at 14’14:735s.

Md Ramdan Rosli of Malaysia took the third place with his best time at 14’14:991s.

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