They are fast, flexible and furious in their attempt to strike and it describes well the nature of the  SuperSports 600cc race category riders. In the last four rounds, these riders have left no stones  unturned in their attempts to be the best in their game. Among them, Khairul Idham Pawi of Boon  Siew Honda Racing Team who has been extraordinary in his endeavours to prove his chops. He is now  ready and raring for Round 5 of the FIM Asia Road Racing Championship which will happen this  weekend at Zhuhai International Circuit, China. 

Khairul or fondly known as “Super KIP” is a comeback kid and is back in the saddle, making waves as  he progresses through each round. His performances throughout the season, undoubtedly has left  everyone at the edge of their seats with his remarkable level of mastery in the SS600 race category.  He has been aware of the constant pressure from the troop but he has also been bold in making the  strikes at the right time which surmises his years of experience in the riding scene. Although he seemed  to have struggled with his performance in Race 2 of the recent race, Super KIP has definitely done a  superb job in maintaining his position throughout the season.  

Commenting on the season, Khairul said, “This year has been quite a positive one for me as I have seen  myself improving tremendously from the last season. I picked up from where it was left last season  and no doubt, it was not an easy task but I went on with it with the aim of learning from trial and error.  The goal was to be make sure I put what I have learnt into play and that worked well for me. I have  some weakness though which is racing on a wet circuit ground. At the moment, frankly, I am not so  confident with it and I need to get back on that momentum.” 

Humble as always, the Malaysian rider went on to say, “This year further accentuated the skills I may  have not practiced for a long time or perhaps, hidden. I do see a lot of improvements with my riding  techniques, in my ability to weigh and identify issues on the circuit and my machine as well as in making  quick decisions to overcome it on-the-go. The machine too, thanks to my team, is in a superb condition  which gives me the upper hand to fight at the front troop. At the end of the day, my achievements are  attributed to teamwork and I am truly grateful for it.”