The introduction of slick tyres into the FIM Asia Road Racing Championship has allowed for the race duration in the premiere SuperSports 600cc class to be extended. With effect from Round 2 at the Chang International Circuit in Thailand, the SuperSports 600cc race duration had been increased from 80km to 90km. This averages out to an extra two laps per race for the SuperSports 600cc riders.

“The Dunlop KR149 and KR133 tyres are living up to their top billings,” said Ron Hogg, Director of Two Wheels Motor Racing. “At Buriram last month, the fastest lap of the race was clocked at the last lap for many of the top riders. This shows that the durability and performance of the new slick tyres are up to the task of an extended race distance.”

The latest direction for the SuperSports 600cc had earned the thumbs up from the top riders. Here’s what they have to say:

Azlan Shah Kamaruzaman (Kawasaki, BikeART Racing Kawasaki)
“I like it. A longer race means more room for rider and team strategy.”

Mohd Zaqhwan Zaidi (Honda, MUSASHi Boon Siew Honda)
“It’s exhausting! Longer races equal more fighting.”

Tomoyoshi Koyama (Honda, T.Pro Yuzy Honda NTS with WoW)
“I’m OK with the extra 2 laps. It’s more exciting for everyone.”

Yuki Takahashi (Honda, MUSASHi Boon Siew Honda)
“What extra two laps? I barely noticed them.”

Dimas Ekky Pratama (Honda, Astra Honda)
“It’s good for the riders. The teams will need to re-strategize, especially on fuel and tyre strategies.