The final round of the FIM Asia Road Racing Championship took Chang International Circuit by a storm and the Asia Superbike 1000cc riders never ceased to increase the appetites of its fanbase. Kasma Daniel Kasmayudin of YAMAHA Racing Team ASEAN made an impeccable dash to the finish line and claimed victory in Race 1.

Zaqhwan was off to a blistering start as soon as the race flagged off. Seconds later, Kasma, the pole man was succeeded further by Anupab who took the fifth spot on the grid. As the race went on towards the end of the second lap, Zaqhwan kept his lead position but Apiwath emerged quickly to take on P2. 

By the end of the third lap, Apiwath made his move to P1 with Zaqhwan trailing close behind. Mid lap, the exchange of positions became intense with top riders taking turns, leading. In the midst of the chaos, Zaqhwan was pushed downstream to P4 while Anupab regained strength at P1. By the end of the fifth lap, the Yamaha riders were moving fast ahead of the others.

Kasma made it to P1 once again in the seventh lap. Thai duo, Anupab and Apiwath went on to pressure Kasma with their wild chase. Meanwhile, Zaqhwan seemed to have lost his momentum as the trio ahead of him created wider gaps. He instead faced an intense push from Passawit who was waiting for his chance to strike. By the end of the tenth lap, Passawit did it.

With two more laps to go, Kasma was still leading but Anupab was determined to supersede the former. The task seemed impossible as Kasma went on with empowering turns. By the last turn, Kasma was on his way to victory. He made his mark on the circuit with his best at 21’00:576s.

Commenting on the race, Kasma said, “To be honest, I can’t believe that I won because everyone knows that the Thai riders were magnificent on this circuit. However, I tried my best to stay consistent throughout my laps. Also, the presence of my wife gave me the boost that I needed.”

“I would like to thank the YAMAHA crew members who have supported and believed in me. This victory is for them, my family members and friends in Malaysia. Thank you once again and we will try again, tomorrow.”

Anupab Sarmoon of YAMAHA Thailand Racing Team hit the second spot with his fastest at 21’01:187s.

At third place was his teammate Apiwath Wongthananon who marked his best at 21’02:850s.