The SuperSports 600cc went on swiftly today with the Asian riders bidding for a victorious spot but standing tall among them was Helmi Azman of Boon Siew Honda Racing Team who emerged with a win in Race 1 of Round 4, Idemitsu FIM Asia Road Racing Championship which was held at Pertamina Mandalika International Circuit.

In the morning during the qualifying session, the Boon Siew Honda Racing Team trio took the front row on the grid with Helmi Azman at the pole position after scoring the fastest lap time at 1’37:785s followed by Azroy Hakeem Anuar with his best lap time at 1’38:293s and Khairul Idham Pawi at 1’38:319s.

It was an awesome start for the Boon Siew team and with the flag off, Azroy went on a flying start into P1 while Khairul took the opportunity to take P2. At P3 and P4, it was a heated battle between pole man and Fadillah Arbi and by the end of lap 2, Helmi superseded Fadillah. Into the third lap, Helmi moved in closer to his teammates and the trio began drawing up a slight gap with the contender on the chase.

As the Boon Siew boys went on with confidence and consistency, Soichiro began to threaten Helmi. Nevertheless, Helmi was not to be shaken. He picked up speed and went ahead of Khairul. Soichiro in the heat of the moment made a quick move and sled ahead of Khairul just for a moment before the latter moved back into P3. Meanwhile, ONEXOX rider, Keito Abe who began at P7 found his pace as he moved into P4 before the end of lap 4. With three more laps to go, the Boon Siew boys have positioned themselves strongly ahead of the troop with Azroy leading, steadily. Before the 8th lap ended, Khairul made an impressive move ahead of Helmi. But the highly competitive trio were adamant to be the

best. Into the 9th lap, Helmi overtook Khairul before going for Azroy. At the final lap, Helmi overtook Azroy who began facing technical issues with his machine.

He went on to take speed with Khairul at P2 and Soichiro at P3. Azroy was out of the equation but his teammates were on their way towards a glorious finish. Helmi clocked in his best at 16’32:170s.

Commenting on the race, Helmi said, “It was a great job by the team who has prepared an excellent machine. I was not very comfortable yesterday but I am truly grateful that I was able to do great today. It was a really hot day today and the race was tough partly because of the weather. In the beginning, I tried not to push too much to manage the tires. Also, with the experience from yesterday, we have a flat tire, twice so I tried to control the pace today. It was not until the last two laps that I pushed further and I am very satisfied for today’s win.”

Khairul Idham Pawi took the second spot on the podium at 16’32:654s.

Soichiro Minamimoto of YAMAHA GEN BLU Racing Team ASEAN made it third at 16’33:445s.

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