It was a win for Malaysian rider, Muhamad Fitri Ashraf in Race 2 of the TVS Asia One Make Championship who made a dash at the final turn towards the finish line.

The championship which was reduced to 4 laps due to a casualty saw a rock-solid start for Vorapong Malahuan who won Race 1 however he was bumped out of the first position seconds into the race. The next immediate rider to take over Vorapong’s spot was Decky Tiarno Aldy.

Fitri was seen to make his way up all the way from the sixth position to third position in lap 2 and by lap 3, he has glided into the second position.

While Decky kept consistent to his pace in the first three laps, the battle was on for the three riders in tow with Fitri in second position, Watcharin Tubtimon in the third position followed by Vorapong in the fourth.

Switching between gears, the four riders took turns to reposition themselves and by the last turn, Fitri was in a neck-to neck ride with Decky before bolting ahead to defeat the latter, clocking in at 9:59:365s.

Commeting on the race, “It was a good race even with the casualty in the beginning. On my part, I grasped the lessons from Race 1 and made the necessary changes to my strategy for Race 2. It worked as planned.

“It is indeed a memorable day for me and I thank everyone who contributed directly and indirectly towards my success.”

Decky from Indonesia missed his shot once again when he logged in at 9:59:406s.

Vorapong grabbed the third spot on the podium at 9:59:980s followed by Watcharin who logged in at 10:00:140.

At the fifth place, Agung Septian from Indonesia clocked in at 10:03:316s.

Race 2 Provisional Result
TVS Asia One Make Championship – Top 5 Riders

  1. Muhamad Fitri Ashraf, Malaysia, 9:59:365s
  2. Decky Tiarno Aldy, Indonesia, 9:59:406s
  3. Vorapong Malahuan, Thailand, 9:59:980s
  4. Watcharin Tubtimon, Thailand, 10:00:140s
  5. Agung Septian, Indonesia, 10:03:316s

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