Excelling in any highly competitive requirement is first and foremost, an act of will. Mental strength if a major factor that must be carefully sharpened to continue to be confident in the face of strong opponents, pressure and unexpected challenges.

The same principle works for successful riders at every step of their career. This was shared by the proud Yamaha Racing Indonesia rider, M. Faerozi, who for the past two years had been competing in the FIM Asia Road Racing Championship. Faerozi made his Asian debut via the Asia Production 250 (AP250) class in 2018 and ended his first season 14th on the standings. A year later, Faerozi placed himself 11th in the AP250 class.

Having honed his skills in the AP250 for two years, the East Java-born rider earned himself a ride in the SuperSports 600cc (SS600) category in 2020. At the Sepang International Circuit for the 2020 season opener, Faerozi proved that he was up to the challenge when he finished Race 1 in the points, but crashed out of Race 2.

“Mentally, riders have to be strong because there are always new challenges. The higher class you move up to, the higher level of mental strength you will need. Having earned the trust from Yamaha to move up to the SS600, it was a responsibility that I must fulfil,” said Faerozi.

For Faerozi, consistent training is part of his ritual to elevate his mental strength.
He does regular and consistent training as part of his determination to quickly master YZF-R6 and to be more sensitive to get better engine and suspension settings.

“I see the SS600 class as an exciting challenge that can be conquered with renewed courage. I’m a rookie as far as the SS600 competitors are concerned, and making inroads into this class will call for a process that requires time, focus and maximum performance.”

Luckily for Faerozi, the experience he gained training with MotoGP legend Valentino Rossi in the 2018 VR46 Riders Academy Master Camp, had given him the tools he needed to prepare himself for any eventualities. The young Indonesian underwent MiniGP, go-kart and YZF-R3 training at Misano Circuit, Italy as well as flat-track at VR46 Motor Ranch, Tavullia. Faerozi’s childhood dream to meet Valentino Rossi in person was also realized.

“Meeting Valentino Rossi while training at VR46 Academy was a great experience because he is my idol and I really appreciate he took the time to meet us in person. From the VR46 Academy, I gained a lot of knowledge, confidence and mental training as well as self-control, thought pattern, emotion. I am happy and proud to be part of that master camp,” says M.Faerozi.

Faerozi has vowed keep learning enthusiastically until he reaches the peak of his dream on the world stage. The principle he holds is that nothing is impossible if he continues to fight. He wants to feel proud to be a champion on the international stage because it also means raising the Indonesia name, flying Merah Putih (Red and White) flag and Indonesia Raya national anthem that reverberates in any country he competes in.