It was yet another nail-biting scene with the Underbone 150cc race category at the Chang International Circuit. As the race got rough and tough with riders thronging for the best position, Murrobil Vittoni of LFN H. PUTRA 969 INDONESIA Racing Team made a stunning appearance towards the finish line to bag the win in Race 1, Round 6 of the Idemitsu FIM Asia Road Racing Championship.

During the Super-Pole session this morning, Md Akid Aziz of CARDINALS FACTORY RACING TEAM ASIA made an impressive lap time at 2’03:141s consequently rewarding him with the pole position. Second on the grid was Wahyu Aji of RACETCH SIXTY Team with his fastest lap time at 2’03:770s followed by Murrobil Vittoni with his fastest lap time at 2’04:119s.

When the race started, Akid was seen fleeing quickly ahead of the others to take the lead position followed by Murrobil however the positions changed very quickly into the lap. Akid however remained among the front troop alongside Wahyu Aji and Hafiza Rofa. The leading man in the overall standing, Nazirul kept it easy and avoided pressure. At the end of lap 2, Hafiza took lead with Murrobil close by and into the third lap, teammates, Haziq and Nazirul emerged ahead. The battle was a tough one but the riders in the front troop remained consistent.

By mid-race, Syazras emerged ahead of the riders and went on with swift moves to maintain his position before April King took over. With three laps to go, the exchange of positions became rampant as the riders work their way to the front. On the final lap, Hafiza Rofa made it to the front but at the last turn, Murrobil went on to pressure him before gliding ahead of him at 16’30:237.

Commenting on the race, Murrobil said, “I am truly thankful to God for the protection he gave me throughout the race today and also for giving me the opportunity to win. It was a lot of hardwork, not only from myself but also my team members. So, thank you to everyone.

Md Hafiza Rofa of ONEXOX TKKR Racing Team made it second at 16’30:360s.

Md Shafiq Rasol who was in contention of the championship made it third at 16’30:573s.

That made Nazirul Izzat Bahauddin of UMA Racing YAMAHA Maju Motor Asia the Champion of the Underbone 150cc Season 2023.