Competing in the ASB1000 category in the IDEMITSU FIM Asia Road Racing Championship, Nakarin Atiratphuvapat of Honda Asia-Dream Racing with Astemo has set his sights on achieving greatness, and his journey so far has been nothing short of inspiring.

Nakarin’s rise in the racing world is a testament to his hard work and natural talent. Last year, he competed in the SS600 category, where he emerged as a formidable contender, finishing third in the overall championship standings. This impressive performance paved the way for his transition to the ASB1000 category with Honda Asia-Dream Racing with Astemo.

Entering the ASB1000 category this year, Nakarin faced new challenges and tougher competition. However, his adaptability and resilience have been evident from the start. After the first three rounds, Nakarin accumulated 74 points, placing him fourth overall in the championship standings. He trails Hafizh Syahrin Abdullah of JDT Racing Team, who leads with 81 points, followed by Azlan Shah Kamaruzaman of TKKR BMW Racing Team with 76 points, and his teammate, Andi Farid Izdihar, who has 75 points.

Nakarin shared his thoughts, “I felt very confident and strong during the race. In the first two rounds, it seemed like I was putting too much pressure on myself, but now I am more stable than ever. I try to stay calm and read the other riders without taking too many risks. I focus on maintaining my composure and making strategic decisions that will benefit my performance in the long run. My current approach allows me to race smarter and more effectively.”

Moreover, Nakarin’s transition to the 1000cc bike has been seamless, thanks to his experience and ability to quickly adapt to new challenges. “I can adapt quickly to the 1000cc bike, as I gained valuable experience last year in the local championship. Finding the right bike settings for each circuit is crucial, and there are many electronic systems to try out. I am also learning a lot from my teammates, and we share insights to improve our performance collectively. This collaborative environment helps me grow as a rider and better understand the intricacies of the bike.”

The ASB1000 category has introduced Nakarin to a new level of competition, one that he eagerly embraces. “I thoroughly enjoy racing in this category, as it features many experienced riders from the world stage. Each race has a different winner, which adds to the excitement and challenge. I have already secured a spot in the top 4, and I believe that my dream of becoming the champion is not far away. I just need to continue believing in myself and pushing forward with determination and focus.”

Nakarin’s relentless pursuit of excellence and his high motivation to improve his riding skills are driving forces in his quest for a top-three finish. “I feel very challenged and highly motivated to never stop improving my riding skills. Achieving a top 3 position is my target, and I am constantly working towards that goal. My abilities are now comparable to those of a champion, and I am committed to refining my techniques and strategies to reach the pinnacle of success. The drive to be the best keeps me pushing my limits and striving for excellence in every race.”