The Asia Production 250cc has always had a fascinating spin with vivacious and highly dominant riders working their moves for a taste of victory. Today, at the finale of the Idemitsu FIM Asia Road Racing Championship, Jakkreephat Pueetisan not only immersed himself in the celebratory moment but also presented his team Honda Racing Thailand, an unforgettable memory at home-ground in Race 2 of Round 6 at Chang International Circuit.

The ride was nerve-wrecking in Race 1 when Veda faced threats from Thai teammates, Jakkreephat and Muklada. But Veda boldly removed himself from the pressure as he picked up speed. Cathing up with the Thai duo was Viet Nam who fought a good fight before Herjun broke into the party of three. Towards the last few laps, Veda was cruising towards the hall of fame when championship lead, Rheza joined the troop trailing him. As the battle behind him heated up, Veda glided towards victory. Thai duo, Jakkreephat and Muklada steered away from ASTRA HONDA teammates and dashed towards second and third.

Once again, Veda was on fire as he went on to take lead but seconds into the race, he crashed, instantly opening up the opportunity for Muklada to take lead. Her teammate, Jakkreephat followed suit with Viet Nam at P3. On lap three, a slight glitch gave Jakkreephat the opportunity to move back into P1 but Viet Nam caught up. At P3, Wahyu Nugroho waited for his moment to strike. The fight among the trio became feistier. Rheza, who is in the running for the championship title made his way into P2 while Muklada kept a look out.

The pressure mounted by mid-race. The exchange of positions became rampant. The ASTRA HONDA boys were overshadowed by the dexterities of their counterparts. Viet Nam on the other hand defended his position well and went on to form a slight gap but the troop quickly closed the gap with

Muklada in charge. On the final lap, the lady rider revealed her fearless side as Jakkreephat and Herjun chased her. At the final turn, Muklada was defeated. Jakkreephat took the win at 18’54:829s.

Commenting on the race, Jakkreephat said, “Today, the race was a little dangerous because the riders were highly competitive. Everyone was trying to overtake and move ahead. I had to find my pace and keep up and I am glad to have made it today.”

Herun Atna Firdaus of ASTRA HONDA RACING TEAM made it second at 18’55:088s.

Muklada Sarapuech of Honda Racing Team made it third at 18’55:338s.