The TVS ASIA One Make Championship embarked on a whole new level of experience this season with FIM Asia Road Racing Championship and has contributed significantly to the field of motorsport and its professional riders. Vorapong Malahuan, rider from Thailand has been impacted positively throughout and looks forward to making history in the final round at Chang International Circuit this weekend.

An old timer in the championship, Vorapong is more than familiar with the motorsport scene. His history can be traced back all the way to 2013, back to when UB150 race category marched through the stages of transformation from UB113, UB130 to what it is today. The Thailand lad may not have made significant marks during those years but it definitely gave him a lengthy year of experiences for his success this season. Vorapong said, “I started racing as young as 12 years old in drag racing. It was back in 2006. Over the years, I worked with my passion and found my way into the ARRC and Thailand championships. I became Thailand champion in 2010 for the Underbone category and went on to the ARRC platform and in 2015, I rode for the AP250 race category. That has given me a multitude of knowledge and vast experience when it comes to different machines and the manoeuvring techniques.”

Vorapong has definitely made impressive collections for himself since the debut of the race category this year. A six-time podium including two wins have placed him at the lead position with a total of 126 points. Apart from the experiences reflected in his race moves, Vorapong also showcased confidence in manoeuvring the TVS Apache RR310 machine, an equally fundamental element towards success.

Commenting on his successes, Vorapong said, “I always think positive when I am in a race. In Sepang, I was challenged with more riders in the lead group however I tried my best to make sure that my performance does not derail my overall standings. I owe part of my success to the Academy that I am currently working on because it gives me greater focus and helps me build up my strength.”

For the upcoming race, Vorapong said, “My goal is to finish Race 1 at a good position. I don’t want to wait until Race 2. Overall, I am very proud to be part of the TVS Racing India that took a bold stance with the TVS ASIA One Make Championship in the ARRC. This has definitely given the opportunity for a road bike to be brought forward into a race championship where it’s form and functions are optimised. It has also helped me find my rhythm in the racing championship where I garnered some of the best moments.”