Never a boring moment in the Underbone 150cc race category, the riders have their way of injecting fun into the scene. In Race 2, Round 3 of the Idemitsu FIM Asia Road Racing Championship that was held at Sportsland Sugo International Racing Course today, John Emerson Inguito of 4S1M EVO YAMAHA Racing Team boasted victory with one final dash towards the chequered flag.

A glance at Race 1 that was held yesterday, the fast and furious battle between riders saw the exchange of the lead position among a number of riders. Among them, the most striking ones were Nazirul who maintained his composure among the top three riders before slipstreaming towards victory, Wahyu Aji who showcased great riding techniques and Gupita Kresna who fought a good fight to take the third spot.

Today’s race began with Wahyu taking lead followed by Murobbil at P2. The duo was off to a good start before Murobbil overtook Wahyu. But Wahyu was quick and managed his position well and by end of lap 2, Wahyu was back at P1. By the end of lap 3, Wawan made it to P1 and Nazirul who was at the back troop trailed closed at P2 while Shafiq Rasol made it into P3. The long trail of riders diligently stayed put in their racing lines, occasionally finding the right opportunity to strike.

By mid-race, Nazirul cleverly bolted ahead of Peerapong with Wahyu close behind. Interestingly, the rivalry was strong among Wahyu, Nazirul, Murobbil and Peerapong at Sugo circuit and were seen taking turns at the top three positions. With another 2 more laps to go, it was all about managing their momentum and their positions among the front troop. At the final lap, riders buckled up for one last

push. Racing uphill, John Emerson, Nazirul and Gupita were seen taking a dash towards the finish line. John Emerson however touched the finish line first at 18’01:380s.

Commenting on the race, John said, “I am extremely happy with my achievement today. It is a dream come true for the team and I therefore, I am truly glad to have made them happy. UB150 has always been a challenging feat and everyone has an opportunity to win. The race was not easy at all but my experiences have been key to this success today. To all my Pilipino fans, supporters of 4S1M, thank you all so much. I could not have made it without you.”

At second spot was Md Nazirul Izzat Bahauddin of UMA Racing YAMAHA Maju Motor Asia logging in at 18’01:458s.

Team Gupita Kresna Wardhana of 4S1M EVO YAMAHA Racing Team made it third at 18’01:484s.

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