It was a good start for the TVS Asia One Make Championship with riders in full form to mark their best  in the practice session. At the end of the day, it boils down to one man and this time around, Piyawat  Patoomyos of Thailand made the fastest in the combined practice at 1’50:012s. 

The two practice sessions witnessed riders taking charge of their machines amidst the scorching heat  throughout the day. In practice session 1, Md Muzakkir Mohamed of Malaysia made the fastest when  he clocked in his best at 1’50:854s. The second and third fastest spot was filled up by Piyawat  Patoomyos of Thailand and Md Ramdan Rosli of Malaysia at 1’50:950s and 1’51:683s respectively. 

In practice session 2, Piyawat took better control of his machine and emerged fastest at 1’50:012s while Muzakkir and Ramdan took the second and third fastest spots. 

With his most recent lap time, Piyawat beat the rest with his speed in the combined result but he has  definitely found his closest rivalry among the Malaysian duo who logged their fastest time combined at 1’50:854s and 1’51:408s respectively.  

Commenting on the practice session, Piyawat said, “The performance of the machine was very good.  At this point of time, I am not very confident but I take it one step at a time. The weather has been  extremely hot which also impacts the machine negatively especially with the power. Each lap that I take, it reduces the speed especially in practice 2. But, I still hope that I would be able to find my pace  tomorrow during the qualifying and race 1.”

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