Two days of pre-season testing took place for the SUZUKI ASIAN CHALLENGE (SAC) riders at Johor Circuit, Malaysia on March 15-16, 2017. This being the first time for the 2017 SAC riders to ride, the riders were all excited to hear that they will be using the new SUZUKI GSX-R150 for the season.

16 riders from 9 countries gathered at Johor Circuit, with 10 new riders and 6 returnees. Although some riders were familiar to the track, it was the first time for most of them to ride the track, and naturally the first time for all of them to ride the brand new GSX-R150.

However, the riders and the GSX-R150 showed high potential right from the beginning, with two riders going faster than its predecessor, the SUZUKI Satria F150. Half of the field lapped their best below the 2’00.00 mark, proving the high level of the GSX-R150 and the riders.

The season opener of the 2017 season is scheduled for April 1-2 at Johor Circuit, Malaysia.


Yukio Kagayama | General Manager

“First of all, I would like to thank everyone that made it possible for us to bring SAC in its third season. We have changed our machine to the new SUZUKI GSX-R150. It’s a more sporty model than its predecessor, and more suited to run on a racetrack.

I ran with the riders at this test to try new parts and base setups, and by running with them, it gave me a better knowledge of what each rider are capable of. I can use this information to coach the riders throughout the season, making them not only a faster rider, but a racer that may be accepted and respected in any where they race in the future.

Now that the pre-season test is over, I am just looking forward for the season to start.”