SUZUKI ASIAN CHALLENGE (SAC) finished its 2nd round of the 2017 season, which was held at Chang International Circuit locaited in Buriram, Thailand.

Race 2 progressed in similar fashion as Race 1 which was held the previous day. Almost all riders raced in a tight pack until the end of the race. Local favorites, #18 Patis Chooprathet and #78 Punchana Kulrojchalalai took the lead at first, but with almost all riders in one pack, the lead changed at almost every turn.

The excitement continued until the final corner of the final lap. 11 riders jumped into the final corner to take the win, but with one faller taking out an another rider with him, 6 more riders fell. #17 Tetsuya Fujita (Japan) made a manueuver that made him clear of the multiple crash, and won the Race. #46 Aaron Alexander Gunawardena (Sri Lanka) came in 2nd, making Gunawardena the first Sri Lankan rider to be on the ARRC podium. Finishing in 3rd was #11 Ahmad Saugi Muchtar of Indonesia.

Round 3 of the SUZUKI ASIAN CHALLENGE will be held in conjunction the 2017 FIM Asia Road Racing Championship, at Suzuka Circuit in Mie, Japan on 2nd – 4th June, 2017.

Round 2 Race 2 Results

1. #17 Tetsuya Fujita (Japan)
2. #46 Aaron Alexander Gunawardena (Sri Lanka)
3. #11 Ahmad Saugi Muchtar (Indonesia)
4. #76 Chepy Armansyah (Indonesia)
5. #16 April King H. Mascardo (Philippines)
6. #18 Patis Chooprathet (Thailand)
7. #27 Nur Al Fath Sam Ahmad (Indonesia)
8. #96 Bikram Thapa (Nepal)
9. #78 Punchana Kulrojchalalai (Thailand)
10. #32 Prahbu Arunagiri (India)
11. #33 K.Y. Ahamed (India)
12. #29 Mario Borbon U. Jr. (Philippines)
DNF #22 Eane Jaye S. Sobretodo (Philippines)
DNF #43 Edward Faulkhead (Australia)was #11 Ahmad Saugi Muchtar (Indonesia).




“I concentrated on being in the top group throughout the race. The race went as I planned, but I didn’t expect myself to be on the tail of the group on the final lap. However, the riders in front of me fell on the final corner, and I saw an opening, so I took it and was able to win the race. The next race at Suzuka would be a race in my home country, so I hope I can show the local race fans a good race.”

#17 Tetsuya Fujita | Race 2 Winner



“It was an exciting race again today. Aaron became the first Sri Lankan rider to be on the ARRC podium, so I am happy about that. Tetsu has been improving each session. He had a 2nd place finish in Round 1, and now have won a race in Round 2, so he’s on a roll, and look forward to see what he can do at Suzuka.

I want to thank Patis for accepting my invitation to ride with the SAC boys. It didn’t quite go as planned for him at the race, but he was really fast in every session, and I am sure that his presence made the SAC riders improve in many ways.

The next round is at Suzuka, which is a very technical track. It is also located in my home country, and wish all of you for your continuous support.”

Yukio Kagayama | General Manager



“The riders showed us an exciting battle to the very end. The characteristics of the track made it easy for us to predict this kind of race, but I am sorry to see the multiple crash on final lap, caused by some unreasonable riders. I am just relieved that no one was seriously injured. The youngest 13 year olds finished in 1-2, so I think it describes well what are development program is about.”

Shunji Yatsushiro | Rider Coach