The TVS Asia One Make Championship has been quite a show with riders of Asia pulling their best stunts in their endeavours to succeed. Race 2 saw yet another round of exhilaration and dexterity but one that was significant was Md Ramdan Rosli of Malaysia when he claimed victory in Round 2 of Idemitsu FIM Asia Road Racing Championship at Sepang International Circuit.

In yesterday’s feat, Muzakkir draw attention with his flawless performance as he took lead from the start till the end. Although Ramdan and Piyawat were equally competitive in their strides, they failed in their attempt to supersede the man in charge for the day.

Today started with Muzakkir picking up the speed and taking lead from the first turn. He was fiercely chased by Ramdan and Piyawat nevertheless, Muzakkir was leading with confidence. Meanwhile, Vorapong was waiting for his moment to strike at P4. By the end of lap 2, Muzakkir has drawn a gap of 0.399s from his contender, Ramdan. The first cluster of riders seemed to maintain their pace and position playing it safe. By mid-race, the top five riders included Decky at P5.

By the sixth lap however, Indonesian lad, Decky managed to swerve ahead of Piyawat, into P3. But Piyawat was quick to recover his position and by the end of lap 5, he fired his moves and into P1. Vorapong was coolly striding at P5. With one more lap the go, the intense feat saw rivalry at its best in the last corner. By then, Ramdan was leading while Vorapong, Muzakkir and Piyawat pushed their machines to the limits. Malaysian rider, Ramdan glided towards a win at 14’21:125s.

Commenting on the race, Ramdan said, “I was hoping to take the win yesterday but I failed. It is not as easy as it seems racing in this category. Everyone in this challenge is equally skilled and experienced therefore, it was crucial to stay focused on the end result. I understand the machine better now and while every one else has the same machine, it is more of having the right mindset and optimising the skills. I am grateful for today’s victory and hope to win more races to come.”

Md Muzakkir Mohamed of Malaysia took the second place at 14’21:204s.

Vorapong Malahuan of Thailand made it third on the podium at 14’21:203s.

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