“The skills are in my genes and the love for this sport in my blood, I believe,” said Andy Mohamad Fadly while giggling.

Andy has had colourful successes in the ARRC scene. He first took the steps into racing professionally at the age of 14, debuting in the Asia Dream Cup in 2015. Since then, the young lad showcased gradual improvements and today, he has made an impressive name in the Asian motorcycle racing scene.

“I was crazy about motorcycle racing since young and always watched the MotoGP on TV every Sunday. Besides that, it could be my gene too, taking it up after my father as he used to be a rider. From idolising Valention Rossi as a kid and watching my father’s photos of racing, I somehow found an affinity for the sports.”

“It was never an easy path though for me just because my father had the reputation. I can only be inspired and if it’s in my gene as I consider myself to have, then I am lucky fellow. I had a fair number of struggles, frustrations and pains throughout my journey in the motorsports.”

“Neither do I know where to begin with nor to explain the struggles that I have overcame in these 9 years. Beginning from the joys and sorrows of winning and losing, I continued by battle and never once gave up on my hopes and dreams. Of course, the presence of my family and friends gave me so much more in terms of my growth.”

“All the hard work and effort that I have put in bore fruits. Two titles in the AP250cc and I am revving up for the SS600 this season. To be honest, I am proud of how far I have come.”

The 23-year-old who has been growing stronger by the season, finally won the championship title in 2019 after a phenomenal fight in the final round. In his fourth full season of the Asia Production 250cc race category, 2022, Andy emerged strong despite unavoidable challenges.

Moving forward to the SS600 with a new team, a new title too, perhaps?

“I should thank Yamaha Racing Indonesia Team for their faith and trust in me. SS600 is not new for me as I have taken the challenge in 2016. But during that time, it may not have been right for me as I struggled to maintain my pace and put up on a good fight. It was one of the best experiences nevertheless because I learnt new techniques and skills when competing in that class. Moreover, competing with experienced riders. That was amazing!”

“Unfortunately, I was asked to return to the AP250 race category. Now with greater experience, I am more confident with my riding skills and I am ready to rock the scene.”

“My expectations may not be high as I am returning to the class after a 4-year gap but it is not impossible. Anything is possible in a 6-round season. My main target would be to fight for the overall championship title. As for now, I am all set for the race. If I could make it to the podium, that would be celebratory enough for me.”

Andy Fadly, all geared up for the new season in a new class, will also see the likes of Ahmad Afif Amran, Muhammad Adenanta Putra, Soichiro Minamimoto, Gerry Salim and Sha Juntong.