Rheza Danica Ahrens of ASTRA HONDA Racing Team made the fastest in the Asia Production 250cc category practice session, Round 3 of the FIM Asia Road Racing Championship which was held at Sugo International Racing Course.

Rheza took the fastest spot, combined when he scored 1’42:355s in practice session two. In practice session one and three, he clocked in at 1’43:001s and 1’42:539s respectively.

Rheza currently sits at the second position overall with a total of 77 points after his contender Andy Muhammad Fadly of Motul Sniper Manual Tech Racing Team who has obtained 91 points overall to date.

Commenting on the practice session, Rheza said, “It is quite a good feeling that I made it fastest. I am able to understand the layout of the circuit and make an improvement in each session. I hope to make a double win. Keeping my fingers crossed!”

Coming in at the second fastest was Andy who logged in his fastest at 1’42:425s also in the second practice session. In the first and third practice, Andy made it at 1’42:682s and 1’42:764s.

At the third fastest was Japanese teammate, Aiki Iyoshi who recorded his fastest at 1’42:723s during his third practice session. He made 1’44:306s in his first practice and 1’42:746s in his second.

Top 5 Fastest – Combined Result

  1. Rheza Danica Ahrens, ASTRA HONDA Racing Team, 1’42:355s
  2. Andy Muhammad Fadly, Motul Sniper Manual Tech Racing Team, 1’42:425s
  3. Aiki Iyoshi, Motul Sniper Manual Tech Racing Team, 1’42:723s
  4. Md Adenanta Putra, ASTRA HONDA Racing Team, 1’42:890s
  5. Piyawat Patoomyos, HONDA Racing Thailand, 1’43:130s

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