The TVS Asia One Make Championship has fulfilled a pleasurable yet provoking challenge since its  debut in the Idemitsu FIM Asia Road Racing Championship and foresees continuous excitement for its  fans as it grows. Raking the charts to topple the lead are Md Muzakkir Mohamed of Malaysia and  Decky Tiarno Aldy of Indonesia who will compete once again in Round 4 which will be held at the  Pertamina Mandalika International Circuit this weekend. 

While debutante, Muzakkir made victorious moves at Sepang circuit in Round 2, second-year rider,  Decky put on a fiery battle at Sugo circuit in Round 3 – both with a vision to claim the highest spot on  the chart with a four-point difference. For a newbie in the race category, Muzakkir has definitely come  a long way in quickly picking up the art of riding aboard the TVS Apache 310 machine while Decky  implemented his learning curves for a better position than the season before.  

Commenting on his performances, Muzakkir said, “It has been quite an exciting season so far. I have  been able to get adapted to the machine really well and fight for a spot on the podium. Winning and  obtaining a double podium at Sepang was one of the best things that has happened to me this season.  Of course, I have been training a lot especially with the machine and I was also able to prepare myself  better, mentally. In Round 3 however, I faced some issues with the machine. There were a lot of  clattering on the front but could not find the real issue with it.” 

“For Round 4 though, I am quite sure of the direction and with the rights steps, I am sure that I would  be able to manage it well there. Mandalika circuit is the much-anticipated circuit for most riders. The  layout is beautiful and requires absolute speed to stay on par with the competitive riders. I think it will  be a close race for every race category. I have already studied the layout and have done training on a  similar track here in Malaysia. So, I hope that I will be 100% prepared when I get there. So far, the TVS  Apache RR310 machine has been serving me really well and for the coming round, I will just have to  find the perfect setup like gearing and bike fitting that matches my riding style on the circuit.” 

Having improved this season, Decky said, “The difference this season compared to before is the entry  list that entails more competitive riders. This season, I paid attention to my past mistakes and flaws to  find ways in making the necessary amendments. For me, the fact that there are highly credible riders  gives me greater motivation to continue training and improve my performances. For the coming race,  it would be my first at Mandalika so it is important to learn the layout and identify where I can be  stronger and minimise my weaknesses. I believe that with hard work and persistence, I would be able  to dominate the circuit. Whatever that I have learnt, I will make full good use of it.” 

On TVS team, Decky said, “TVS team has helped me tremendously in achieving my goals last season  as well as for this season. Throughout the year and a half that I have been part of TVS’ aspirations and  mission, I have grown to understand and enjoy the machine better, even more so with the upgrades 

for this season. My goal for the coming round would be the inject some fun for the audience while  making sure that I am at my best.”

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