Mind-blowing and exceptional are the qualities of riders in the SuperSports 600cc race category of the  FIM Asia Road Racing Championship. The compatibility between man and machine has never ceased  to amaze its audience as they string a striking rhythm for a perfect win. Soichiro Minamimoto of  YAMAHA GEN BLU Racing Team ASEAN is all set to make his bid for the best spot in Round 5 which will  be held at Zhuhai International Circuit, China. 

Not a stranger to the ARRC scene, he may have missed out last season but he is a man on a mission This season is about striking while the iron is hot and making a swift climb up the chart. He may not  have come back with a bang in Round 1 but he has surely picked up a competitive fight and moved  with the momentum throughout the season. The Japanese finished podium in the last round which  included his very first win for the season. That placed him all square with his closest contender in the  standings.  

Commenting on the season, Soichiro said, “Personally, based on my experiences riding in various  different motorcycle racing championships, ARRC has been one of the toughest. It is stimulating and  at the same time, nerve-wracking. One thing’s for sure, I have a lot of fun riding in this championship.  To me, I think the level of competitiveness increases each year and that is crucial in any particular  championship. I raced in the 1000cc up until last year so for me, it was not an easy switch. I have to  transition very quickly to adapt to the 600cc. It definitely is hard work and requires learning as fast as  I could.” 

Speaking about strengths, Soichiro said, “My strengths are probably in the high-speed corners. I try to  focus my efforts around that because its gives me the upper-hand to manage my machine better.  Honda is very powerful but Yamaha’s strong point is always at the high-speed corners. So, it would only  be wise to optimise on our strengths instead of dwelling on the weaknesses. I try to do better each  time, no doubt. But of course, the challenge is not only in terms of the machine but also in terms of  the riders and their capabilities. We have the likes of many highly competitive riders and while it makes it harder to achieve my goals, it is also a drive to continuously do better.” 

On Zhuhai circuit, he said, “It would be my first time at Zhuhai International Circuit. Personally, I think  it is going to be a tough one. Of course, firstly with no experience and secondly, riding amongst those  who already have the experience there. But having said that, I am good at challenges. I embrace it well  and learn from it with ease. So, I am not so worried about not having the experience. Ultimately, the  goal is to fight for the championship title. I have a very good position right now which gives me the  advantage to fight with KIP, so I will do my best to win the remaining 4 races.”