A historic moment for Indian motorsport, when Sarthak Chavan secured his place on the podium at the TVS Asia One Make Championship during Round 1 of the IDEMITSU FIM Asia Road Racing Championship. Held at Chang International Circuit in Buriram, Thailand, this achievement marked a significant milestone for Sarthak and the Indian racing as a whole.

Chavan’s remarkable performance saw him clinch third place in Race 1 and then elevate to second place in Race 2, reinforcing his status as a rising star in the sport. What made his feat even more impressive was that this was only his second competitive outing at the circuit, following his wildcard entry in the final round last year.

Sarthak said, “I’m very proud of myself for this achievement, and I feel that all my hard work is helping me to move in the right direction. Also, nothing feels better than bringing glory to your country.”

“When I passed the chequered flag, my first thought was – Yes, I did it! It was an exceptional moment because it felt like this is what I have been working hard for. To make my country, my parents and TVS proud was a mind-blowing feeling because all of them have been behind me with rock-solid support.”

“The last time when I raced as a wildcard, I lost being on the podium twice. However, this time, I was better prepared and confident about the results that I would grab. Once I finished my free practice sessions and qualifying sessions, I felt happy and encouraged as I finished in the top 3 positions. It gave me an intuition that the podium finish was on the way.”

“My target for this year is to make a mark in the IDEMITSU FIM Asian Road Racing Championship. Also, TVS is an Indian manufacturer, which pushes me to work harder because as an Indian, I want to bring more glory to the team. I am looking forward to putting up a good fight against my competitors and winning the Championship this year.”

Sarthak shared his thoughts on the potential contenders: “My target is to win the Championship. I know that Hiroki will be a very good contender this season to fight for the championship. I have seen him race. He is very strategic and calm while he rides. Vorapong is a very good rider too. I am quite close to him as we have worked together in India, and I have also raced for his team in Thailand.”

“The challenge I am currently facing is tyre management, as we are provided with limited sets. It poses a considerable difficulty, but I am confident that I will learn how to effectively manage it” Sarthak added.

Sarthak’s fearless pursuit of his dreams, coupled with his strong will and talent, positions him as a potent presence in the world of motorcycle racing. With his eyes set on the championship title and the unwavering support of his fans, Sarthak’s journey promises to be one filled with excitement and victory.