The SuperSports 600cc was a striking show as riders braced through the mounting pressure and rivalry in Race 1, Round 6 of the Idemitsu FIM Asia Road Racing Championship today. Coming out stronger than ever was Soichiro Minamimoto of YAMAHA GEN BLU Racing Team ASEAM who claimed victory at the Chang International Circuit.

During the qualifying session that was held earlier today, Yamaha riders Soichiro and Apiwath of YAMAHA GEN BLU Racing Team ASEAN were strong on the circuit and made it first and second on the grid with their best lap time at 1’38:447s and 1’38:894s. Honda rider, Khairul Idham of Boon Siew Honda Racing Team took third spot with his best lap time at 1’39:209s.

It was an awesome start for Soichiro in the 12-lap race when he immediately took lead with his teammate, Apiwath right behind him. At turn 2 however, Apiwath took a slide from the inside and took lead for a moment before Soichiro grabbed it back. Khairul was at P3 before Azroy went ahead of him. Khairul regained his momentum quickly and made it back P3 at the last turn of lap 1. The Yamaha riders remained sturdy on the grounds of Chang as Honda rider, Khairul tried to close the gap. Nakarin who began on the 6th spot made his way into P4 by the end of lap 3.

The three riders in contention for the championship title, Khairul, Nakarin and Soichiro went on to make the cut. By mid-race, the positions of the trio in the front troop remained unchanged. Nakarin at P4 kept pushing to close the gap of 3.5s as Azroy chased him furiously. With 3 more laps to go, Soichiro and Apiwath glided confidently ahead as Khairul tried to catch up. By then, it was almost impossible for Khairul to close the gaps. On the last lap, Soichiro avoided mistakes as Apiwath looked for ways to overtake but to no avail. Soichiro went on to take one last turn before heading towards victory at 19’55:372s.

Commenting on the race, Soichiro said, “Today’s race was great really great. My planning was to get to the top. The tire was a little worn out towards the end of the race but Apiwath who stayed close behind me was a great help and support to me. I am at the top of the championship now but tomorrow is another day to fight and that is all that matters. So, we shall see!”

His teammate, Apiwath Wongthananon made it second at 19’55:522s.