The riders of the SuperSports 600cc were pumped up today in their bid to make the most at the season finale of the Idemitsu FIM Asia Road Racing Championship help at Chang International Circuit. Apiwath Wongthananon of YAMAH GEN BLU Racing Team ASEAN emerged fastest today at the practice sessions, combined.

In FP1 earlier today, Thai lad Nakarin of Honda Racing Thailand went on enthusiastically on his home- ground to score the fastest at 1’39:709 followed by fellow country-men and wildcard rider, Apiwath of YAMAHA GEN BLU Racing Team ASEAN with his best lap time at 1’39:949s. Malaysian rider, Azroy Hakeem made it third fastest with his best lap time at 1’40:232s. In FP2, Apiwath worked on his performance and made it fastest at 1’39:243s followed by his teammate, Soichiro with his best lap time at 1’39:579s. At third fastest was Nakarin with his best lap time at 1’39:965s.

In FP3 that was held in the evening, Apiwath emerged fastest with his best lap time at 1’39:393s and once again followed by his teammate Soichiro with his best lap time at 1’39:483s making them the fastest and second fastest for the day. The duo of the same team seemed to have worked out a plan to keep themselves well ahead of the others in the lap chart. With Soichiro in contention for the championship, Apiwath’s participation may be the boost that he needs to make the weekend a success. Apiwath completed his full season in the World SuperSport and his experiences has definitely given him the added value needed to make the most of the season finale. Taking third fastest in FP3 was Ratthapong of YAMAHA Thailand Racing Team with his best lap time at 1’39:854s.

Commenting on the session earlier, Apiwath said, “I am happy to be back at ARRC and I would say that the level of competitiveness is equally amazing. Chang circuit has become quite an easy ground for me right now with all the other experiences that I have gained over the course of one year. Having said that, of course, there are the likes of contenders such as Nakarin who is a home-grown rider, KIP and Helmi who are extremely strong in the race category which does not make it an easy feat after all. But I do look forward to winning tomorrow.”